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Please help, M1 question , -tension in string watch

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    Hi i am very stuck with this quesion can you please answer it. Much appreciated.

    1) An object P of mass 0.2kg hangs by a string from a point O of the roof of a lorry. The lorry is moving horizontallt with constant acceleration of a ms-2. and the string makes a constant angle of 8 dgree with the vertical as shown in the diagram.

    can you please show me a method on how to do these tension/string type questions?

    thx alot

    well basically u resolve the forces into horizontal n vertical components, provided the system is in equilibrium
    what do u need to find in this question? tell me that so i can show u
    generally, for a tension in a string at angle θ with the vertical,
    the vertical component= Tcosθ
    the horizontal component= Tsinθ

    draw the particle with its weight acting down.
    Draw a string attached to it at angle @ to the vertical (the same angle as the one shown in your lorry pic)
    The tension in the string is T, acting away from the particle.
    Resolve the tension T into horizontal and vertical components.
    The vertical component = the mass (converted to newtons)
    The horizontal component in the accelerating force.
    Use this component in Newtons 2nd law (F=ma)

    You now have two eqns.

    square both eqns to get T in terms of m, g and a.

    divide one eqn by 'tother to get [email protected] in terms of a and g.
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Updated: June 15, 2005
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