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    My enthusiasm for mathematics, in all its forms, especially pure and decision, was originally inspired by a particular teacher on board a ship called the MV Doulos when I was about nine years old. From there, my fascination and zeal for numbers and patterns escalated and I really started to enjoy the logic and the absoluteness of it as well as the ability to try a variety of methods in tackling different problems. I find that mathematics is vital in almost everything in everyday living and because of that, it is both intriguing and fun.

    I really wanted to carry maths onto a higher level as it is a subject I enjoy and wish to develop my skills in. I want to use the valuable skills it has taught me in a future career. I am looking at the possibility of teaching mathematics as I would like to pass on my knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, this universal language to another generation. This would also enable me to use my inter-personal skills.

    I spent about 8 to 9 years on the ship I mentioned above. This extraordinary opportunity for studying in a totally different environment was due to my parents’ involvement with the charity organisation Operation Mobilisation, who owns the ship.

    The ship, in general, travels many parts of the world to sell books and consists of a multinational community of about 350 people from 47 different countries. This meant I always had access to reading material and also allowed me to be comfortable with many different types of people and their cultures. Growing up in this environment has given me the incentive to work as a volunteer secretary for this organisation. This has enabled me to develop many administrative skills while also learning to work independently.

    Moving to England in 2002 was quite a big change but it allowed me to experience more opportunities and activities. Some of what I believe are my greatest academic achievements were accomplished here. For example I achieved a silver award in the UK senior maths challenge just as I joined the school. I studied Business and completed two days of Business Dynamics where we had to design our own business and which I thoroughly enjoyed. It enabled me to realise the pressures of the world while also being able to show my creative and organisational skills.

    I also involved myself in the Engineering Education Scheme run by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Although this project was very intensive, I honestly enjoyed the challenges it presented. Working with the team was also an added blessing as well as being able to use maths in a practical and real way. Other achievements may also include attending UCL, Royal Holloway and City University London for engineering and maths taster courses.

    A few of my other hobbies include sewing through which I have developed good manual dexterity. Watching movies, badminton, table tennis and reading are some of my other past time favourites. Balancing these activities with my academic studies has enabled me to develop my time management skills.

    All in all, as a committed and self-motivated student, I look forward to studying mathematics at university.

    Hey it's not bad.

    I know that writing about maths can be difficult but I don't think this "zeal" and "enthusiasm" for mathematics is actually comminucated very clearly. You give lots of evidence for being a well rounded and independent student but where's the nerdy mathmo vibe? If you're really...into...maths then you'll want to give it a bit more priority I think.

    Slightly strange how the ship which you mention in the first line is left unexplained for a while, you sould maybe consider some re-ordering, or consider just not mentioning it until there is room to give the elaboration.

    What is this "reading material" you have had access to?
    You say reading is a hobby, have you read anything maths-related?

    What did you learn about maths, and the way in which it's used in the real world from the EES?

    Can these taster courses be classed as "acheivements"? Perhaps let the reader decide that...but how did it encourage you to want to study maths?

    Watching movies? Sorry but I don't care.

    "look forward to studying mathematics at university."?!!? You can't wait to unlock the secret beauties of maths at a higher level!

    Post another one once you've made changes if you want.

    (Original post by doulos girl)
    My enthusiasm for mathematics, in all its forms, especially pure and deci....

    I spent about 8 to 9 years on the ship I mentioned above. This extraordinary opportunity for studying.... to work independently.

    Moving to England in 2002 was quite a big change but it allowed me to experience more opportunities and activities. Some of what I believe are my greatest ....
    think there is too much waffle in places i.e teh thing abotu ships, migrating to teh UK - i mean, you think the tutors would give a damn???

    basic structure i followed was

    1) intro - why maths
    2) things i did/like about maths
    3) hobbies and interests
    4) think this was a short paragraph on what i am going to do after my maths degree or something - keep it to the point

    mine followed.
    why maths is so great and why i love it
    wot have i done in the past to show i make love to maths frequently
    maths books i read
    y maths at uni is so great

    i make love to maths frequently
    :confused: :confused: :confused:

    (Original post by Gaz031)
    :confused: :confused: :confused:

    "making love to maths"


    (Original post by Gaz031)
    :confused: :confused: :confused:
    come on every1 does it, follow peer pressure

    Mine was for joint honours mainly but it generally went:

    Why maths (inc a book reference or two)
    How my A levels gave me valueable skills.
    Hobbies and Interests - mainly sports but also maths challenge
    Work experience and what it taught me
    ...and a concluding statement "the prospect of going to university excites me and I look forward to the challenges of independent living whilst relishing the prospect of studying maths".

    u might find this useful
    its got mine in there too enjoy

    btw ur foundation is right...just places to better
    as someone said before..dont waffle about
    talk more about maths!
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