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who would prefer all exams to be modular instead of linear? watch


    coursework sucks because everyone cheats. modules suck because you don't learn it as well and it makes exams easier.

    Yes, it would make exams much easier and they are easy enough already... learning 1/4 of a subject for any particular exam session would be worthless; you learn little academically, you don't learn it in the long-term and don't build a collective knowledge in the same way you do in a linear fashion.
    Also defeats the point of exams in many (most?) subjects which build on knowledge built throughout the year.

    Remember - Modular syllabae makes exams easier, but it devalues the grades as a result....

    LINEAR all of the way!!

    All linear because modular has some negative connotations. (i.e. being slightly easier as you do exam as soon as you learn work).

    Doing normal makes you learn it all

    a) this way i have an advantage - good memory, better at remembering stuff
    b) I don't perform nearly in well as the January exams (A-levels you can take exams in Jan or June) as it doesn't feel like exam season and i don't get in the mood
    c) over exams i get stressed and either stop eating or comfort eat... it can't be healthy to do that 4 times a year!! :p:

    I prefer linear because I think that some of the questions asked on the modular are too specific and designed to trip you up. On saying that, i only did the multiple choice science double award aqa modular, so I don't really know, but in the final exam I felt like it was a better test of my overall scientific knowledge, rather than what I had learned over a few weeks for the modulars.
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