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    Hi there

    I really hope someone is able to help here.

    I am from Germany, but live in the UK for 1.5 years. I want to apply for a study place for this autumn (yes, I know I am late).

    Now my ex-teachers in Germany won't write me a reference. But they will sign it, which means I have to write it myself. I don't like doing this, but I have no choice and am running out of time. Obviously I have never done this before and am really struggeling, so I would be extremely grateful if someone would copy and paste some stuff of their reference in this forum. I only found 1 example of a tutor's ref in the internet, nothing more.

    Furthermore, I have to write my personal statement, where I found quite a lot of stuff, but I would like to apply for different courses and it is quite impossible to write it. Any suggestions?? I don't want to pull out my chances and I am interested in various things, so is there NO way?

    Also (...oh my God, how embarrasing....) I have not done the ILTS/TEFL or however test and because I am working full time, will not be able to do it straight away until the 30th June, closing date. Is it poss to deferr it to September? Do I still get taken at the Universities? I know it is poss, but I am wondering if it is ok for every University.

    After all this bla bla, it would be so great if you could help me!! I am really struggeling!

    Thank you very much!


    I don't know how much help I can be, but here we go...

    You have left it very late to apply, are you sure you would be best waiting for entry in September 2006? This way you are more likely to be accepted on to the course you want.

    You say that your German teachers won't give you a reference, have you asked for the reference in German or English. If you ask for it in German you have might have more chance of getting one. You could get a friend, relative or even you employer to write your reference. To help them you could give them a copy of your personal statement.

    On the issue of the personal statement, you should try and find some common ground in the courses you are applying for, and then talk about that. If you post a list of the courses you are applying for I am sure people will give you a few ideas.

    On the issue of ILTS/TEFL you are best asking the universities that you are applying to. Email the admissions tutor for the relevant subjects. They are normally really friendly and happy to deal with any problems you have got.

    You could try http://www.connexions.gov.uk/, they will also be able to give you advice and point you in the right direction.

    Most of all, don't let it get you down, you will manage to get through it.

    Good luck


    Likewise.. dont know if I can help much, but i'll try...
    First of all, IGS has given you some pretty solid advice if you do intend to go to uni this year, but I also agree there may be some wisdom in perhaps leaving uni till next year...

    anyways, unfortunatly my reference letter was handwritten by my head of house, who also happened to be my teacher and the staff member in charge of our trip to france, so I cant post any stuff. For you I would suggest that may write about any positions you are in and any progress you have made whilst in those positions. Reinforce the academic side of it. What else... try and talk about your personality mabey from the perspective of someone else. God, im having trouble thinking of stuff now.. I can't imagine what it must be like for you

    What course(s) are you appling for at uni?
    Best of luck!! Hope you get into whatever you want...
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    First of all - thank you very much for your help!!

    To your question if I want to wait until Sep 06, not really. I am already 23, so I really have to start and as well want to. But - do you mean that if I apply for this year, my chances for next year decrease? Has that any influence when I have applied before?

    My (english) boyfriend will help me with the PS and ref luckily, still I find it quite hard to write how fantastic you are and would fit in the course..

    I think I will now only apply for Management, at some places Mgt plus History.
    Unfortunately I am not able to ask my employer, then I could quit immediately (bit of an a*), I am working as an Office Manager/PA in Financial Services and have done research in the Asset Management Industry before. I hope to get some good phrases out of that to make the PS as polished as it can get, also I have studied Economics, Accounting and Business Studies on a college before, to get my A-Levels and have done a secretarial training with the same subjects (different systems in Germany).

    It is just so hard to write it, that it really stands out from the crowd if you are not a native, you are just not able to. At least that's how it is for me.

    Again, thanks a lot and let me know if you have any more good ideas.



    A few more thoughts:

    To your question if I want to wait until Sep 06, not really. I am already 23, so I really have to start and as well want to. But - do you mean that if I apply for this year, my chances for next year decrease? Has that any influence when I have applied before?
    I meant that applying so late would affect your chances for admissions in September 2005, it won't affect any future applications.

    As far as being to old at 23, you are not. I know of numerous mature students, many of them being in there thirties and forties. So you don't have to worry.

    It is just so hard to write it, that it really stands out from the crowd if you are not a native, you are just not able to. At least that's how it is for me.
    You could mention that you are "not native", it would interest an admissions tutor and that is, ultimately what you need to do to get an offer.

    I can fully sympathise with you on how hard the personal statement is to write, possibly the worst thing you will ever have to write.

    Hope that helps


    Ps Keep us posted on how you are doing.

    Oh for sure, if you're not native definetly mention that... they always look kindly on non-british students (not biased... but yeah well, no harm in mentioning it). I too am an international so, sorry, I wouldnt know if your application this year would affect that of next year. As for age I wouldnt be too fussed... being 23 is fine. I'm the opposite in that im a bit worried that being 17 will be a bit too young....
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