Any dutch people here to help me out with UCAS? Watch

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Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could help me with this: I don't know which 'fee code' to select in UCAS. The help text says most EU students have to select option 2.. I will probably be financed by the dutch government (studiefinanciering), should I select option 2?

Another question: Should I give all my subjects (ook de afgesloten vakken uit de vierde/vijfde) or just the 8 or 9 in which I did final exams?

Edit: I'm also confused where to put my BMAT test... Should I put it with my high school grades or something?
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I'm only mentioning the subjects I'm doing exams in at the end of this year.
The predicted grades for these subjects should be mentioned either by means of contacting the university/college, or by generalizing it for entire vwo (sounds ridiculous but UCAS form seems to imply this). I'm having trouble with this myself at the moment. ):

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