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    Hello all, I'm a newby and need some advice..

    I have been looking at the available degree options as I am:30! Ouch, very old.Living on my own with a mortgage (Poor) and have a full time job (knackered).
    Well, The Open University seemed the best option, with no entry requirements and a grant scheme but then I came across the degree options and I am confunded!
    I work in Social Housing in Property maintenance, have spent 5 years Managing a restaurant but have skills in art, design and a fascination with computers. I have basically spent the last 15 years obtaining skills and interests so diverse that making a decision is impossible!


    Have you thought about doing a bit of lots of different things and getting an open degree?


    Or you could think about doing some short courses to test out subject areas you might be interested in gaining a degree in.

    I would perhaps first of all have a think about where you want your degree to take you. Do you want to complete one to improve your job prospects? If so, what type of industry do you think you'd like to work in? It's a good idea to spend a while researching different career areas and see if you can narrow it down at all...this website is brilliant.

    And as heidigirl said, it might be worth trying one or two of the level one short courses in the areas you're interested in to see if anything jumps out at you in particular. Or you could start with working towards the 'Open Degree' which means you can take pretty much any combination of subjects, and perhaps specialise once you find an area that interests you the most.

    Yes, you don't really have to make that choice in the first year. For example, I started off thinking I'd do an open degree and did Introduction to social science for a year, but when I looked into it I realised that's the recommended first year for sociology, psychology, criminology, psychology and philosophy etc. because in that first year it covers the basics of all courses, how to study, how to write essays, how to insert citations etc.

    But now I'm doing the first psychology year, so am taking the psychology course and you don't have to have done any previous study at all I notice, you can take it as a first course, (though it's level two, so it's perhaps not that wise).

    It's true what they're saying above. You can do a few courses you're interested in, at level one, and make a choice what you want to go for after the first year. At level one they all will teach you the basics.

    You could perhaps look at the degree subjects you might be interested in and find out there are two or three that all recommend the same course as a start and maybe that would be a good start.

    But it's modular. If you get full funding, you can do a mish-mash of couses of 60 or 90 points in total and these early courses generally don't affect your overall grade at the end of the degree, but you can count the points they are worth into the degree, so the first year is generally a gentle(ish) start.

    Agree with the good advice already given: if you have a rough idea of which general area you're most interested in (eg humanities, social science, science, computing) then you can do the interdisciplinary level 1 course for that faculty, which, as Junko says, covers all the disciplines in that area. You'll find that you enjoy some parts more than others, which tells you which direction you want to go in really

    I started out intending to do modern languages and ended up doing sociology!
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