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Going out with friends and having a social life. watch

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    Are you ready for a long post guys?
    Right well I have always been good. Been good and school/college, had a good attitude - never went through the terrible teens, have always been helpful around the house, ect.
    This of course has made my parents proud of me.
    I'm 17 years old and I have no social life, I never go out with friends or anythign like that.
    This is not due to my parents, I choose to stay in as they will let me but I feel like if I go out roud town and get drunk I will dissapoint them. I don't know why but i feel like to them i wont be "perfect" any more, and there is nothing more that I value than their opinions and respect.
    I have a really good relationship with my parents.
    The thing is now I kinda want to go out at night. I love looking at peoples facebook picture when they go out, it just looks like they have so much fun, and then i see myself sat on here night after night doing nothing.
    I've always known right from wrong but going out round town feels "wrong" to do it in a way.
    Another thing is, when i break the tip of the iceburg off, i have no one to go out with. Most of my friends are like myself and don't go out partying and then i have other friends who go out every night getting drunk. I just want someone to go out with who is a mixture of the 2, so i can enjoy myself.
    I really need to do this for myself as i need to be come more independant as i'm 18 in 5 weeks. Plus i feel sad that i've never kissed a guy or had a real boy friend. I know thats not the be all and end all of it but i just feel like im missing out.
    Any ideas how to take the first step?
    Sorry if it's not clear, it makes sense to me in my head...just i can't explain it.

    go out, get drunk, disappoint your parents, repeat.

    your parents will stop being disappointed in you after the third time, trust me.

    I was like you until about a year ago, I turned 18 in August. Always was good, worked hard, did really well in school and didn't go out drinking etc.
    Then I started going out and getting drunk and I'm so glad I did. I can still work hard and do well in school, but I have a lot more fun.

    Just go out with the friends who drink - just because they do it, doesn't mean you have to as well. A girl in my group doesn't drink but she still comes out with us and always has a good time, usually laughing at the rest of us making fools of ourselves. :p:

    There are other ways to socialise other than drinking you know?

    Although drinking when you're out on friday/saturday is a lot more fun :p:
    Try it? Stop worrying about what your parents think for once:yep:
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