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    Hi, Im Nathan and I'm new to TSR.

    Basically I am joining the RAF as an AMM. (Avionics) and have an interview coming up.

    These are my stages that has been completed at the minute;

    Informal interview (this was actually done over the phone as they said don't worry about coming down it wont take 5 minutes) :rolleyes:

    Then there was my selection test which i also passed

    After that stage I was shut down for a few months due to the trade being closed.

    So my question is, what interview is my upcoming one? From my understanding it usually goes, Selection interview, Selection test, PJFT, Final Interview, Medical. My guess could obviously be wrong. I have been told it is a formal interview.

    Also I have revised the following;

    Myself (about my school and college life etc)
    The job that I'm applying for (Avionics)
    My first tour
    My different stages of training from Halton to Specialist training and ongoing devlopments.
    My future at the RAF
    Halton stages in detail (E.g; Basic, Ground Defence and The Blue Phase)
    RAF Bases within the UK and overseas, what air craft are at some of those bases and if they are permanent or ongoing operations.

    It would be a great help if someone could tell me if i need to do more revision, if so what topics? What interview stage im actually at.. and if i have my process stages mixed up.

    Thanks in advanced,


    P.S: I do realise that there may have been plenty of topics similar to this one, but straight foward answers to my situation would help me clear my thoughts and nerves. I also forgot to mention that my interview is this week.. :eek:

    Absolutely spiffing old chap. However, slightly inaccurate.

    It goes: Airmens's selection test (which you say you passed)
    Selection interview (which you are asking about)
    PJFT (of you pass they tell you your provisional start date)
    Pre-recruit training course (not part of the selection process, but a weekend at Halton to see what its all about, you will also have another medical and a fitness test)
    Final Interview
    Recruit training (your in the raf yipee)

    You may be wondering about a specialist interveiw, but as an AMM, you will not have one.

    As far as your revision goes, you are right to be revising the stuff you are. Keep it up, but have in mind all the sports and things you participated in whilst at school and Air cadets (or similar, if applicable). Keep up what your doing and you will stand a high chance.

    As for me I am between the the fitness test and the pre recruit training course. I took my AST back in July and my prov start date is in March, this will give you an idea of the timescale.

    Keep us informed wont you
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    Well the interview went well today and the interviewer said that if it wasnt a competition board im going into, he would have put me through there and then. However he also said i have a good chance and i should know by the end of november, perhaps before.

    I will keep my progress posted if anyone wants.


    I see, so you have to wait a bit before you know weather or not your going through?

    Funny really, I did not have a competition board (or should I say, I only had to wait a couple of days), maybe cos IT tech was not closed off at the time I had my interveiw.

    And yes, I would be interested to hear how you get on.

    Yeah keep us posted Nathan.

    Congratulations for getting this far!

    im at the same stage as you m8. apart from i have also done my medical/physical not sure why. as as u said we will find out in november wha happens next. anyway keep me updated and i will aswell. i am confused though why they put me through my medical and physical
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