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currently, Im doing the OCR Core Studies. I though I'd try out the exam paper (Jan 09 exam). However, I have no idea how to answer two of the questions.

(Baron-Cohen et al)
Suggest how your chosen study could be improved? (8)

Outline the implications of the improvements you have suggested for your chosen study. (8):eek3:

Could anyone help me out on this or provide a model answer/s.
Thank you.
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Best website in the world for OCR psych.


For your current study. I can't be bothered to read it at 3.50am, but improvements are always just "i would use a larger sample" "i would use a control group" etc boring generic improvements from things you think are weak in a study.

For example if they used 3 participants and all were male and from texas. Then their findings are a load of ****. So you say i'd do it with a systematic sample of 500 people from across the US in order to make sure the results can be generalised etc etc blah blah. It's AS psych just talk **** you get marks.
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I'm going to answer both questions at the same time

Change the samples i.e. same amount of participants in each group, same ratio of men to women- will increase generisability and how representative it is

Instead of pictures use real people and see their whole face- will increase validity and ecological validity becoz people do not often just see other peoples eyes

Change experiment procedure so it doesn't appear to be a test- would increase how ethical the experiment was becasue the test may have casued distress if they didn'tknow what emotion was on screen.

Hope this helps a little

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