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    Howdy ya'll,
    As I'm sure you can tell from the lack of avatar, signature and post count - I'm new here

    I'm mainly stopping by to find peoples general ideas and thoughts to add to my own for future careers; you see, for AS Level I've taken Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Art. My plan is to drop Art after the first year and continue with the more 'studious' subjects for A level. I did quite well in my GCSE's with 7 A*s and two A's and have no clue whatsoever what I want to do with my life.
    I haven't taken them for any particular reason, apart from the sheer interest I have in these subjects.
    Question is: what sort of University courses/Jobs could these get for me?

    I'm not going to take anyone's advice too strongly, I'm mainly interested in any obscure jobs that I might not be thinking of or have to mind.
    I'm a really artistically driven person, who just happens to have been blessed with a bit of a brain that works.

    Sorry if I come over cocky,
    Don't tend to like writing about myself
    Thanks though!

    Hmmm... if you're more artistically driven then it might be worthwhile keeping Art and dropping one of the other subjects, because it's not like any of the remaining ones are "soft" subjects and for most places 2 "academic" subjects at A2 is sufficient. Also, a maths/science/art mix might give you more flexibility in terms of uni course choices. In terms of uni/course choices, if you don't know what you want to do then there's no real rush to come to a conclusion now, you've only just started college after all. If neccessary you could always even defer a year or apply for uni after you've done your A2's and left college and have a better idea what you wana do.

    Decide if you would genuinely enjoy studying the more 'studious' subjects.

    I can't really give you any more steps than this at this moment. D: I'm not that good at this sort of thing, but breaking the main problem down in smaller components could just bring you to an answer quite easily.
    Just be sure to be honest with yourself.

    edit: omlette seems to be better at this than I am.

    Seems like you could study absolutely any science outside of physics.

    If you feel artistic and enjoy art don't take sciences instead just because you think they constitute intelligence, there are enough elements of inference in both areas to prove yourself.

    Sorry if I've got the wrong end of the stick there but it sounds a little bit like you're taking sciences partly to prove you're clever.
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