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    Is Geldof beginning to become reckless in the way that he is promoting his Live 8 campaign?

    Firstly, there were to be 5 concerts: London, Philadelphia, Rome, Paris and Berlin. To have these concerts simultaneously was an extraordinary feat. But, now there are more concerts, happening in: Toyko, Toronto, Johannesburg and The Eden Project in Cornwall..., I also believe there will be another on a different date in Edinburgh.

    Does it not seem that the number of concerts is becoming too many and many of them will just degenerate into third rate events?

    Secondly, there is the plan to have 1 million people marching in Edinburgh. How will the city cope with this considering there are only 5 million people living in Scotland anyway. There could quite easily be an out break of violence with many injuries with that many people...

    Finally, Sail8 is the initiative to have people on the south coast who own boats to go across the channel and bring back people from the continent who wish to march in Edinburgh. If a lot of people decide to go on this, what are the health and safety precautions? It wouldn't take much for an accident to occur in this Dunkirk-type evacuation, and result in deaths and injuries.

    Also, how could authorities cope in England with the sudden influx of possible a million people? And then there's illegal immigrants. Will it not almost give them permission to enter the country and there is no way to get them back out of the country, as we will not know who they are and where they are?

    What are your thoughts? I think Geldof is becoming very reckless...

    This isn't really aimed as a direct response to you, but I'm getting quite angry about this fashionable Geldof-bashing. We saw it on Question Time last night and in nearly all the broadsheet papers. The guy cares about Africa and clearly wants to use his status to help do something about it. I've got more respect for him - even if he goes overboard sometimes - than the columnists who sit in their comfortable London offices, noticing the so-called 'Geldof backlash' and whipping it up. I don't understand it. The concerts won't end poverty, but they'll do something. And since he's not in government, "something" is all he (and we) can do.

    if he pulls it all off it will be a great achievement (though it will probably get twisted in the media into something which Geldoff isn't intentially trying to achieve)....its really clever when you think about it he's kicked up such a fuss that the campaign cannot be ignored - the wristbands have made charity fashionable all of a sudden, using the material weakness' of our luxurious society to help eradicate poverty!

    ...but is there any greater cause than 'makepovertyhistory' ??? not in my eyes....poverty in africa and across the globe is a disgrace.
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    Yea, I'm in full support of the work he is doing. I just wonder if he has fully thought it through?
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