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    I'm surprised at that - I would have thought that you might have done a paper which concentrated specifically on the effects of Aspects of the Roman Catholic Tradition on Christian Behaviour and Attitudes, if you attend a Roman Catholic School.

    Are you taking RE next year?

    I'm pretty sure that the AQA board does four papers, and that you take one/two of them depending on your school and if you are doing Full or Short. I think you can only do the last paper if you do Full course.(Or that's what my teachers said..)

    The titles of the modules go like this : 'Thinking about God and Morality', 'Key beliefs, Ultimate Questions and Life Issues', 'Faith Studies and Ethics in two Religions' and ' Truth, Spirituality and Contempory Issues'.

    I'm taking the last two, which are both for two religions, whereas the first two look as though they only talk about one.

    I go to a Catholic school, so I have to do OCR RS full course on Christianity (Catholism).
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    I did full course Christianity and Hinduism and it was rockin' cause my teachers were ace too and at the end of every half term we'd have a party and bring in cultural foods it was ace

    Christianity short course exam:
    I mucked this up. There was loads of stuff on wealth and poverty, and a "Do you agree?" question on Jesus's teachoings for on wealthy people and whether they are relevant today. Couldn't do it. And then we had to outline a funeral for 7 marks, couldn't do that either. I was really strapped for time and did that funeral question in the last MINUTE.

    Hinduism short course exam:
    Much better i found, I got worried at the start when I couldn't remember what Shakti was, but then I remembered last minute and rambled something down. It was very tediously repetetive though. Basically, my answers went KARMA KARMA KARMA KARMA KARMA KARMA KARMA ahimsa and bhakti yoga! KARMA KARMA KARMA.
    And then, when I ripped out the Section C thing, the perforated fold didn't seem to work, so I ended up ripping right through the paper. Started giggling at myself and people turned around. Silly me! But I think I've made up for my bad Christianity exam.

    Howd everyone elses go?
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