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    We all know that they are not supposed to be 'classics' or high brow art but which movies do you enjoy regardless of how bad they are? Hammy acting, ridiculously overdrawn plot and cringe-making dialogue are all par for the course here. The cheesier the better, so go ahead and tell.

    Mine are
    • Stop or My Mom Will Shoot: I don't care that no one else I've met seems to like it, it gives me a laugh everytime. Loved the double act with Sylvester Stallone and the late Estelle Getty.

    • True Lies: The faces Arnold Schwarzenegger pulls... scratch that the entire movie is hilarious. Especially the part where the bad guys are trying to fire an armed salute and it fails to go off. Or the part where Jamie Lee Curtis' character winds up the sleazeball from before.

    • The Long Ships: So bad it's good!!
      To quote: "You must ride (dramatic pause) the MARE.OF.STEEL"
      "The long ships, the long ships! (is stabbed, dies)"
      " Farewell, Viking."
      Sidney Poitier seems to think he's in a serious film and so delivers his lines with Shakespearean delivery while the co-star just hams it up with the best of them. Then the so-called effects for when they are trying to remove the bell and you can literally see the actors jumping in death scenes that were supposed to look realistic.

    Disney films. The Lion King, Jungle Book, Bambi, The Fox & The Hound, Anastacia,... Love 'em!

    Alex & Emma, which is one of the cheesiest romantic movies ever made. But I still like it, even though I've seen it five times already!

    Flashdance. Love the eighties.

    I also really love Bollywood films, even though they're always way too long, the story is basically always the same and the acting is plain embarrassing. But they're just so funny :-)

    Edit: I'd also love to see Crossroads with Britney Spears again. I was twelve or something when I saw it, and I have such fond memories of it!
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