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    Sorry to make another thread about this, but my problem is quite... unique.

    I've filled in my part of the student loan form, and handed the rest to my dad to fill in the income stuff. The deadline for me was 31st June, so that gives me less than 2 weeks. Here the problem arises. My dad, being the **** he is, hasn't done the accounts for his business so can't complete the form. I normally do the accounts for him out of good will, so much so now he is reliant on me to do them. Theres about 16-20 hours of work to be put in to finish them so the form can be completed.

    I'm not in the best situation here, because i have a heacy exam schedule starting next week with exams on the 21st, 24th, 27th and 28th.

    Do I,
    -sacrifice revision (possibly grades) and do the accounts and get the form sent off asap before deadline.
    -wait till after the deadline, do the accounts send them off and pray?

    Does it mean i wil just get my student loan late?

    p.s my dads business has regged about 60k loss over last few years so does that mean I'm likely to get a big loan/scholarship with grades AABba?
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    If you send it off after the deadline, then there's no guarnatee that you'll get the loan at the start of term. So how much do you need the money?! Do you have savings/can you borrow some to live off for a few weeks?
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    I guess is depends how long, and if I work full time over the summer...

    Does anyone know how late I'm likely to get the loan?

    You put in estimated figures with an E after them I believe, and put a note about that in the notes section, then you forward the full information to them as soon as the accounts are completed - that's what my dad did because he's self employed. Think it should say something like that in the guidance to completion notes?

    This way, you get the application in on time, and then if the information you later supply is very different from the estimated figures then they review your funding status accordingly.
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    Thanks, trust dad to not read guidance notes...
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