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    (Original post by alro)
    i've never even heard them mentionned to be honest! can't be that important - i hope!

    Hey - I have the Chartism exam tomorrow aswell - I have unit 5 (Poor and the state c1839-1939 i think) tomorrow aswell - that one has me more worried because its more knowledge and recall, very little source work.
    I'm sure you all probably know this but its been worth reiterating for my own piece of mind - at least:
    Unit 6 = 20% of A2
    8% = AO1 (knowledge and understanding)
    12%= AO2 (use of sources in context)

    that means 60% of the marks are from source work!

    Has anyone else found that their teacher has gone into way too much detail with the background/historical context - I'm not sure how much of 'Pitt's reign of terror' I'm going to be able to fit in - for example.

    My teacher went into far too much background/historical context for chartism... I wish he'd told us what it actually was lol I like those stats you just put up ksb09 - lots of marks for the sources, thats ALWAYS good news!

    From the last page, I meant we'd be doing chartism up till lunch (or nearly 11am) and then be free forever from it! Thats going to be such a nice feeling... once unit 4's out the way this friday!

    And on a last note, I haven't heard of those two fellows either I'm afraid :s hope they're not important...

    REALLY must start trying to learn everything again now. best of luck people!!

    I've made all my brainstorms now...Don't know how much has gone is but I'm feeling slightly more confident-ish...MEH! Need to do some unit 5 now and then cram it into my brain in bed!
    Fun Fun

    Hey heys!!

    How did everyone find it?! I spent the morning cramming, after the "lucky bacon sandwich" (sort of an exam tradiation lol), and didn't feel very confident going into the exam hall. Up till 2am trying to sleep, but too worried!! But the questions, in my eyes, were really nice for once! The sources weren't huge, several of the historians made useful comments you could use, you could actually find a way (maybe just one) of using ALL the sources in the second question too!

    I think I wrote a bit too much/spent a little to much time on question one, which made question two a little rushed... I put everything down, described the state as a very good reason for the 'failure' of chartism but then put in other things... the socio-economic climate (using "rostows model of economic protest" which i learnt last night from a friend doing another course lol), even the leaders of the chartist party (their disputes etc) but I didn't expand very well on that point... and I ran out of time to be honest, could have put a lot more topics which might bugger it up a little...

    saying all that, I think it went a lot better then I thought it would! But you know Edexcel marking... could be an A, could be an E lol

    I left the exam room with a smile though

    Anyway, dying to know what everyone else thought of the exam, I hope you all did great!!
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