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    is anyone going to a cambridge sutton trust?

    I'm going to be a "Student Mentor" (a current university student there to show you around and generally help you out!) on 2 of the Durham University Summer Schools - the Year 11 one and the Masterclass one (specifically for Geography)....anyone on here going on either?

    I had a place to go to a summer school at Manchester Uni a few years ago but I was ill so decided not to go. Shame really as I kind of regret missing out on what others tell me was a great week.

    My best friend is involved as a mentor with some summer schools I think. Well he tells me that he is going back to Oxford a few times for some kind of summer school anyway..

    (Original post by yelwalkietalkie)
    You know me? Eeek, how?

    Anyway, you sleep in a regular dorm room as any University student would. Word of warning: you might find random plasters or opened bottles of creme in your drawers which is a bit icky.. Males and females are on separate floors and all the rooms they use are grouped together so you'll just be down the hall from other people. What college will you be staying at? I was at St. Catherine's two years ago but since I'm at a totally different college this time (Pembroke) I think they probably change them around. St. Catherine's wasn't very nice as a location as it's a 60s built campus and most of the time didn't feel like I was at Oxford at all until we got into the main part of town. If the course is the same as before, you'll have taster sessions/lectures in a variety of different subjects. Some you get to choose and some might be for everyone. There's lots of presentation work (some of which got filmed ahh), which might sound daunting and irrelevant, but it's pretty good practise at having to think on your feet, as you'll have to do in interviews when the time comes. There's also a great deal of social activities; I think if I remember rightly we visited the Botanic gardens, a few parks, most of the prestiguous colleges and landmarks, museums, laser quest and there was a big disco/karaoke night on the last night. It wasn't just us when we were staying there as there was a big Canadian group of teenagers staying at the same place (another warning: please avoid moustached 17-year-old Canadians walking around at midnight with s and telling you that you suck because you're English) so maybe you'll have a variety of different people to meet, which is what University is all about anyway. It's basically a fairly authentic (as far as they can do) University experience, except they make you go to bed at a ridiculous time unless you're particularly sly and work your way around it, and you don't have to cook or worry about money!
    Aww memories....
    See you there - I almost had to go to the Oxford one =0(

    bump! anyone at all going on any of the durham ones?

    Oxford, Merton yayness.
    I went to a Nottingham one last year for the Sutton Trust and it was just awesomely fabbydoobytastic, we had so much fun..

    Have a brill time for all those going on summer schools (they're more fun than they sound!)

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