'Downing Street' Memos Show Bush and Blair Administrations Lied Watch

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1- YES most Americans ARE aware that Fox news is biased (GWB's relative works there)

2- NO its not news because that theory has, as was already said, been proven by the officials the GWB fired and who are now allowed to talk about it.

3- I beleive a lot of people who voted for GWB voted for him because they thought that by voting for him they would be supporting their sons and troops.

4- it seems to me that you're questioning the integrity of the Americans who voted GWB in again, but how did Blaire get into office as Prime Minister? Don't the UK citizens have some sort of say in that??? he supported this war, and if the british hadnt supported it, then i GARUNTEE the majority of Americans would not have supported the war.
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(Original post by vivado)
"I speculated back in September of 2002 that the neocon faction was pushing its American Empire wet dream and using 9/11 as an excuse. Others believe that in the grand sweep of things we invaded to place permanent military bases to protect the oil fields."
*ping* that was your credibility.
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