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Help!!! Response Needed watch

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    (Original post by Alchemy)
    A) I know that Malaysia ia a Newly Industrialising Country, with increased wealth being spread about its population as overseas investment and jobs grow in the country. The wealth in Malaysia is spread more evenly than in some other Asian countries, making for a higher standard of living among many people. I know that is classed as an emerging tiger in the economic and geographical senses. I know the capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. Thats about it.

    B) I don't know much about the Malaysian people.
    Thanks guys! Thanks for noticing the economical emergence of Malaysia. I hope that one day our economy will be strong as British economy.

    I would like to extend my warmest invitation to you to come to Malaysia.
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    (Original post by shazeea)
    im malaysian and malay and muslim. the tertiary education system favours the bumiputeras or in english the people of the land, that is the malays and the indigenious people. you dont necessarily have to be muslim to fall into this category although most of the time bumiputeras are muslim. some are christian like my friend junior, he's catholic.

    it is provided for in the country's federal constitution that a certain percentage of places in public universities and a certain percentage of government scholarships are reserved for bumiputeras. at the same time there is a percentage for land and house ownership.

    without going into whether this is fair or not (the situation is more complex than most people perceive it), this policy was introduced because at the time of independence from the british the bumiputeras were very behind in education and business. thus the government, with the consent of the british and the consent of the other ethnic groups, added this policy. does by no means does not mean the other ethnic groups are not protected. the constitution provides for their protection as well.

    the root of the problem lies in the fact that when the british ruled malaya (as it was called before) they purposely segregated the different racial groups and discouraged interaction. as a result some groups managed to progress faster than others.

    the population is only 60% muslim.

    singapore also has a quota for the number of non-chinese who have places in university. for example it is practically impossible for a malay to get into their medicine faculty despite getting better grades than a chinese applicant.
    Hi! shazeea, sometime we forget how peoples look at us. Of course everyone of us should have the right to come-up with our own view. Different peoples see thing differently. I personally APPRECIATED those views. Take those opinions openly and start to review and re-evaluate ourselves and find where thing can be improved. Don't sour the relationship.

    Thanks to the friends from all over the world.

    thanks. it nasi gorenG by the way. =p
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