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Charity buckets and mindless generosity watch


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    Right, I want to find out whether I'm a *******.

    If you see someone holding a bucket for a charity, do you mindlessly just toss change into it? Or do you first try to make some effort to find out what the charity is, maybe saving the money and giving it to something more worthy later? Just wondering, as I nearly did the latter today- something that, to the bucket-holder, would probably make me look like scum. I'm all for charity, just not one to throw valuable cash towards the League for Epileptic Dogs, or whatever, only to have Geldof yell in my face when I'm all out of pennies.
    if someone accosts me in the street shaking some tin in my face i just ignore them.

    the only time i really hand out any money is when im in the shop or chippy and have time to study the array of tins they usually have round the tills. i'd usually donate some cash to cancer or asthma charities, and usually empty my wallet of annoying coppers in mcdonalds.

    That's the lovely thing about where I live there are no charity collectors harassing you; only the occasional person raising money for some cause by going door to door. I usually don't donate to those because you have no idea where the money is really going; my little sister and some of her friends made up some story and went door to door to get money.

    Simply put I wouldn't feel bad for not giving money to some charity I don't know or care about; I'd rather save the money for a worthwhile and reputable cause.

    I think it is important to give to charity, but it does annoy me the way some people go about it. I get harrassed frequently in St. Helens where I work for the likes of the NSPCC etc, but the thing that really irritates me is that it is by PAID 'volunteers' from agencies. I think if charities are going to use people to raise money, it should be with volunteers - I myself collected for Christian Aid. The other thing that annoys me is the huge advertising campaigns that some charities use. I have no problem with charities telling people about their work etc, but relentless bombarment costing millions is surely a waste of money. I tend to give to a number of (what I determine to be) worthy causes, and refuse to be stopped in the street.
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