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    have any of you ever felt tht trying to become a vet and all the hard work just isnt worth it? ot tht it all might be too much for u? or are u always really sel confident and just know tht u can get there and it will all be worth it? please let me know coz im goin through a hard time and just wanna know if anyone else has felt the same.


    i went thru exaclty the same thing over summer last year! i went away and had a life changing holiday (i know that sounds dodgy, but trust me it was!) came back and went straight to vetsim. i didnt really have a good time at vetsim, i enjoyed it but it made me question whether or not vet was for me. i had planned to do loads of work experience over summer,but when it came down to it, i just felt like i was wasting my time, thinking that it wasnt for me, so why should i bother? I considered doing a biology degree or sumthing similar, but i was never sure that that would have made me happy.

    anyway, i had arranged 2 weeks on a pig farm months b4 i went away, so i went and loved every minute of it! i learned so much and realised why i had always wanted to do this!i started going to a new vets which i continued evert saturday for the rest of summer and it totally got me into the swing of vet again!

    bottom line, its hard work, and im not even there yet, but I had doubts and i think its normal, its a demanding career choice and requires dedication. just do some work experience over summer and it should make you realise whether its for you or not, if not, at least you know now, rather than still not being sure when it comes to interviews and youv restricted yourself. i was lucky and had support from someone who had been though it the year before aswell, which helped me coz shes just got into her second year now!

    i can really ramble!

    Yep. I've definitely had doubts. I've had a really hard time over the last 3 year as I was ill and so messed up my A-levels and got no offers which was devastating. I got better and so had to repeat my A-levels year and it's been hard- I'm cnstantly questioning if I really want to do vet that much, especially as all my friends are at uni now. Also I'm a pretty arty person- I'm constantly torn between art and vet med! But I know when it comes down to it that I wouldn't enjoy any other career but being a vet, so my doubts clear up after a while. Don't give up if it's what you really want. I guess just do more work experience and see if you really want to dedicate so much of your life to it... sorry- I'm not much help really, but I can definitely empathise!

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