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Why did the chicken cross the road? science explains watch


    (Original post by Munna)
    ok, not science related but
    Bush: The chicken was a terrorist. My security killed it before it could move.

    (Original post by endeavour)
    Albert Einstein A1: Despite the evidence of your senses I can show that it is mathematically simpler to describe it as the road passing under the chicken.

    Andre Ampere: To keep up with current events.

    Buckminister Fuller: Because we have not yet designed and implemented true, constantly forwardly/backwardly evolving, energy-transforming living machines which will enable us to perform all functions from the informedly turbining hub of a single autonomous in-spiralling/out-radiating network of space-connected information vector transforms. Had the chicken been supplied with my Dymaxion Tensegrity Coop, it would have remained at home, un-tempted by such risky spatial-temporal translations.

    Gustav Hertz: Lately, its been crossing with greater frequency.

    Ohm: A: There was more resistance on this side of the road.

    Pascal It was pressured to cross the road.

    Volta : The other side had more potential.

    Newton: 1) Chickens at rest tend to stay at rest. Chickens in motion tend to cross the road. 2) It was pushed on the road. 3) It was pushed on the road by another chicken, which went away from the road. 4) It was attracted to a chicken on the other side of the road. I have not yet found the cause of this behaviour of the chicken, based on the phenomenons and I do not make hypotheses. No doubt the ancients knew why the chicken crossed the road and I am studying the bible and try to rediscover their mathematics to found out why the chicken crossed the road.
    Thanks, that was cool :cool: There's also the sociology one, where 'facts aren't really facts, but scripts moulded by the society in which one lives'. Perhaps the chicken is an idea shaped by society, as is the road


    Why keep bo thering the chicken about it crossing the roab?
    I mean, no won (oops! one) bothers aobut other animals crossing the road?
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