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    I did Edexcel GCSE Biology this morning (spec A I think) for triple science extension work.

    I thought it was harder than the first paper (the one double science did too) becuase I found that one quite easy. I could do most of today's paper but it was the kinda exam where I don't know if I included the right details in my answers. I didn't understand that last part at all - about the petri dish and the insulin anitbodies n all that. Also, all I could remember for the 'what is te name of structure A' in the pic of the fungus was that it begin with 'h' - in the end I put 'mycelium' to avoid leaving just a blank space. When I got out I remembered it - Hypae

    How'd everyone else find it?

    Anyone know the grade boundaries or how much of the whole grade that paper was worth?


    I found the first paper harder, because it was so random. There were a few that I didn't remember for this paper, like "which enzyme do they use" in the plasmid question, but overall I think I did alright.

    I found it really rubbish, maybe i'm overreacting, but biology is supposed to be the easiest paper and that was just horrible... the questions they asked where really weird... hopefully they'll lower the grade boundaries... I can't even imagine what chemistry and physics are gonna be like! :eek:
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