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Are we becoming a paranoid nation? watch


    Are we paranoid?? I don't know, maybe!! Oh Christ I think we are!? Or are we?? Do you know??? Are we?? ARE WE??

    (Original post by beekeeper_)
    Absolutely, however it would be foolish to pretend we live in a safe environment where anyone and everyone can be trusted.
    The more vigilant and aware we are of the risks, the more difficult it is for the offender.

    It is a fact that there are more outlets for criminals to take advantage of, it is the drawback of using sophisticated technology.
    Ah, well put. I suppose a balance between vigilance and ignorance is necessary. Take the case of terrorism, for example: one may consider that to be paranoid of terrorism (to the extent that it affects our lives) is to declare their victory. But at the same time if one is not vigilant, this borders on idiocy. I suppose it's a sliding scale, and one where the correct position is not simple to judge.

    (Original post by beekeeper_)
    Definitely, and with good reason.
    We now live in a more dangerous society, with far more outlets for criminals.

    The threat of terrorism is more real than ever, following 911 people really understand the capabilities of terrorists, and that if they can attack America's two greatest buildings, they could quite easily perform an attack on the Underground, or in Oxford street.

    Criminals are becoming more sophisticated, making use of modern technology. Increasingly, we need to be aware, and we need to be alert. It could be anything from making sure you have anti-virus software to ensuring you get some discrete black headphones for your ipod.

    You should always be prepared, and make life as difficult as possible for the criminal and the terrorist.
    Thanks for the warning Private Benjamin. :rolleyes:
    I was at Leeds train station today and could have killed dozens with an easily made nail bomb or a converted replica gun, if there are so many would be osamas around why don't they act?

    (Original post by ArthurOliver)
    if there are so many would be osamas around why don't they act?
    They probably don't wish to demean the scope of their previous attacks by staging an attack that pales in comparison. Considering that they would have to do something bigger than 9/11, I would predict that it would require not only a significant amount of planning, but that also careful timing. As their sole aim is to instill fear, they would most likely wait until the citizens of the West (particularly America) begin to believe that the threat has passed. As a result, the hyper-dramatic 24-hour news media may actually be preventing terrorist acts more than increased security measures ever could.
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