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    Okay, anyone that can help it will be greatly appreciated.

    I'm currently going into 5th year and Im going to be sitting my GCSEs in a year. One problem is, the only thing im good at is ICT, History and Drama - Im confident I could manage two As and one B from these subjects. My teachers have told me I need 6 passes, but im sure the most Ill get is 4. This is how I see my results panning out;

    English; D/C
    Maths; D
    French; D
    Science; D
    ICT; A
    History; A
    Drama; A/B
    Religous Education; G - As an aethist, I dont have much interest in this subject, Iam thinking of dropping it and using the time to work on other subjects such as science and maths, do you think this would be a good option, I will never pass this subject or get close to an E. Please Comment on this

    Okay, so 6 passes gets me into 6th where I can do my A-Levels, but if I dont get them, is my life over like all the teachers say? - What other options do I have, I feel really stressed.

    The career path Id like to follow is definatly ICT/ICT Consultancy/ Web Design

    Iam already an experienced web designer all I need is advice.

    All comments would save my life.

    Whilst ICT and Web Design may seem an attractive option now, if you're considering doing it vocationally as a future career, then I would advise against it. Get some high-level programming like C++ and network engineering under your belt. There are far too many people competent in web design, which mitigates against you taking it up as a career.

    But the problem is, will I beable to get a job without Maths as a GCSE pass?

    Thanks for the comment

    As for your life being over, who knows. If you really do aspire to go further, go for it, but if you are unable to get the grades then perhaps it might be better for you to go for something easier, as this would indicate that you would might struggle with the increased academic rigour at the higher levels.

    Originally posted by Fuzz
    But the problem is, will I beable to get a job without Maths as a GCSE pass?

    Thanks for the comment
    Doubt it. Maths is really very important. Spent lots of time on it. It's a great subject and employers love it and it is fundamental. Basic capability is very important in day to day life and work.

    Thanks for your comments, Im not too good at maths. Iam planning on working harder on it although. But, I need to know what options I have if I dont get the results at GCSE, Iam an ICT wizkid. But without my 6 passes - will anyone employ me???

    Thanks again

    If you have such things as MCSE's or other such qualifactions perhaps. But if you can't pass basic maths then that would indicate that your conceptual and logical abilities weren't up to much. You need them if you want a good job.

    Okay, if I work really hard, I am capable of a C, would that be enough? - Its a pass btw

    Fuzz if you can be an ICT wizzard you can do maths to grade C no messing and you need to do it to get taken seriously in any job market. Stop working at religeon and focus on this. This is how to pass:

    If you only need a C do Intermediate level - not higher

    Get someone to give you all the past papers they can - school or buy them from the board if necessary - ask school what board you are sitting and go to their web site to get papers - it will be worth it.

    Do the papers slowly so you understand every question. If you can't do a question ask your teacher to explain if they are human (though I guess they aren't if you are struggling) or post it here - find how to do it. Keep going like this till you can do papers - thats how to pass exams. You have plenty of time to pass this. Start now!

    Do it!

    Yes you can!!!

    PS - you can buy the marking schemes too from the board - they help lots.

    I feel so sorry for you...

    You are a miserable dog. I got 8 A*'s and 2 A's.

    The strageties are to REVISE and to do more pass exam papers!

    U r absolutely thick! You do not have a ****ing brain and you need one! Buy one from e-bay.com! Because how can u get so mnay D's! Im getting 9 A's

    hey does any1 know were i can buy or find pass papers from?

    Try amazon for the letts ones

    If i was you i'd keep RE. just write a load a boolocks on the exam and i got an a. There is know right or wrong answer so as long as your english is alright and you can comminate your answers you should pass it

    Don't worry If you don't get five A* - D grades; there are many different courses you can take with some colleges requiring as little as 4 GCSE A* - D grades.

    Most colleges give you the option of re-sitting GCSE Maths and English if you're not proficient in these subjects. Also, with many new initiatives from the government emerging such as foundation degrees and such like, you'll have many doors open to you in the future.

    PS. Take no notice of the individuals on here who boast their A* grades and attempt to make you feel stupid - trust me, you're not!! What they achieve as regards academic excellence, they may lack in personality, and no-one wants to work with a meanie.

    I got an A on Religious Studies our teacher knew the guy who wrote the aqa paper and we knew what was gonna be on and everyone got A's and B's

    i sat my gcses last year and can safely say that if you pay attention in class i mean listen then you will go far. thats all i did just listen to the teacher they know what there talkin about!! honest!

    i never did homework revise or extra lessons, so i dont mean be a geek just listen and it will get you far!!

    as for me i messed about in maths sat with all my mates never did homework and didnt revise and still came out with a grade c havent a clue how.

    you may all think im mad but if you go in to your exam hall a few days before your exam and mentally paint an equation or summat u find difficult to remember on the wall when your sat in the hall you will look up and remind yourself!!!! sounds mad but it works anyway hope ive helped and would like to know how you get on!!

    luci xxx

    It's true you know (about the image mapping on the wall) - context dependent remembering is an excellent way to ensure you recall better in your exams.

    Do some revision in the place you're gonna be taking your exams, and chances are you'll remember more accurately!
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