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    Okay so it's Edexcel 5 tomorrow :eek:
    I can't find my module 2+3 purple book anywhere so i'm having to use my regular A-level biology textbook which isn't nearly as specific and doesn't cover all of the Edexcel course even thought it's huge :p:

    I'm trying to check up on Unit 3 nitrogen cycle and named bacteria in the nitrogen cycle
    Unfort my textbook only names a few and my computer won't open the Edexcel spec - the plug in is muffed up

    So i remember Nitrosomonas as NH4 to NO2- and Nitrobacter as NO2- to NO3- and Rhizobium as N2 to NH4+
    (Correct me if i'm wrong!!)

    But could somebody tell me what the others are - i vaguely remember an Azobacter maybe... whether they're in the soil, which ones are symbiotic with the legumes and what they convert!!

    Thanks in advance guys

    Azobacter do the same as Rhizobium except they are found free in the soil

    Pseudomonas and Thilobactillus are denitrifying bacteria and convert NH4+ back into N2

    Good luck for tomorrow!
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Updated: June 20, 2005
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