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    Two questions...
    Does anyone know what the current situation with messing is in the Army/RAF? Is it moving towards single living accomodation for junior ranks or is it still 'barrack room style'?
    What are the differences between the Army and RAF intelligence corps/branch? I know they both have imagery interpretation units, but which have a greater in theatre role?

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    No idea about the comparison between int chaps. Messing wise, it's moving slowly towards single living. As an OR at Coningsby, they've just built you a massive new single-roomed mess. Others are moving towards flat-style living, where you have a handful of rooms around a communal kitchen and living area. Most JRMs will sort you out with a single room, all Sergeants' Messes will, and all Officers' Messes will.

    from my experience the army is moving towards rooms shared by between 2 and 4 people with their own kitchen facilities. Nice and comfy!!!


    Junior ranks accomodation is indeed moving towards single living, with many units pouring millions of pounds into the new Z-Type accomodation. This is similar to the flat style as mentioned by Wzz, and each unit comes complete with desk, phone point and in some cases en-suite. This isn't the case in all units though. In training units (especially phase one) the rooms are big multi-occupancy. This is for a couple of reasons; to help build team spirit and unit cohesion, giving a sense of belonging to little Tommy who has left home for the first time and is feeling a little bit lost, and also to stop the the less consciencious recruits (mingers) from acheiving standards well below their peers... put bluntly, it stops them from festering in their own space. The team works together to ensure that standards are met.
    As you move into phase two training (trade training), you will probably be living in 3 or 4 person rooms, and progressing to single bunks as they become available on a fill-up basis.
    Once out into the real world, then it should be single living all the way. This does depend on the size, age and condition of the barracks you live in though.

    As for intelligence, I suppose that's like asking "how long is a piece of string?". Both are role specific. If it's the size of the role regarding imagery interpretation then I would guess that the RAF has a greater workload as it provides the Army with the images in the first place. If it's ESM/ECM/ECCM then both have similar roles but again it would be task specific. It's a huge part of warfare and defence ranging from a single bod on the ground gathering info on a terrorist cell, to high resolution geostatic satellites with a support team of many looking at Brigade or divisional Dovements.

    Whichever way they gather their info, I'm pretty sure those nice chaps buried in an office deep in Whitehall would rather keep the specifics of their intelligenge gathering to themselves though.
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