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Should I wear glasses to the interview?

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I'd say wear them, yeah.
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i have glasses to see far away (i can still wear them any time though, just makes things crystal clear)

anyway, when i wear them i feel smart.. i dunno it just gives me a smart/sophisticated look...and i know this sounds stupid..but i just feel more confident in what i have to say, and think better and deliver my thoughts better

so for the interview, i think my glasses would give me a confidence boost and put me in 'intellectual mode'

i look 'prettier' without my glasses (not to say i'm pretty in the first place... but better)
..and i've heard that sub-consciously beauty has an impression/effect/influence

what do you think?

*i know i have to get an interview invite first but this is assuming i do; & i know this is a light, futile question but i just want your opinions..thanks
aah i know what you mean there :moon: same here... i usually go without... and if i have to read anything i take them out :p:
The solution is obvious. Contact Lenses.

Gives you intelligence and looks!
Anon the 7th

another thing to tick of my to do list

catching an Oxford Student out


Well we're by no means infallible. Particularly at this time of night/day/whatever :biggrin:
wear the glasses and a really low cut top.
best of both worlds.