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another frenchie at LSE ?

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Your English is pretty good, did you have this level before the prepa because at high school the english level is low ?

Prepa is similar to a Foundation course (an intensive one year course to gain entry to the best undergraduate) in the UK.
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Prepa is similar to a Foundation course (an intensive one year course to gain entry to the best undergraduate) in the UK.

I think heyiwanttogoLse honestly described our situation as french students when stating that "prepa is an 'unintentional' gap year".

Are you french ?
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Hi, I know this is 4 years later but if you read this where did you guys go and what are you doing now??
I firmed Econ L100 at UCL with the ES French Bac
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Hello everyone,
I am currently in S in a french school in Cairo. I want to apply to LSE,Manchester ,maybe Warwick, Bath and Queen Mary or City University London. Anyway, my problem is that I have like 17 in Maths and 17 in spe Maths but I got 8 in Francais ecrit and the admission decision is based on the anticipe not the current grades. Do I have a chance or should I opt for other universities?
Thank you :smile:
helloo sultaabs, i think the admissions are based more on your predicted grades (in maths) that your grades in the bac de francais
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Hi sultaabs,
There's no need to worry. I've got a friend who also got bad marks at her epreuves anticipées du baccalaureat (in sciences and in French (she was in ES)) and she got into pretty good unis (kings, ucl, Warwick, Edinburgh). She didn't apply at LSE though.
You have nothing to loose, so maybe choose one top or two top unis, and good unis for rebound if you believe your personal statement is good enough to be taken.

Good luck. I also apply to LSE this year, and already got into good unis, so if you have any question don't hesitate to ask me by inbox :wink:
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Thank you chiara97 and albl, I will apply and I hope they will ask me for my predicted grades! albl which course are you applying for ? I am applying for accounting and finance I heard it's pretty competitive! :frown:
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i'm applying to the management bsc ! Dunno how competitive is the course i'm applying to but i guess it's also quite tough to get into it..
I'm still waiting for the final answer! I guess i will receive it in about a month, what about you?
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Hello it is me again :smile:, I just wanted to know is the minimum requirement for a subject like math the same for ES and S? because they don't specify on their website.
yep unfortuanatly :frown: i got an offer from ucl and they ask 17 in maths and spe maths and I have a friend in ES spe maths who also got the offer with 17! :frown:
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Oh my god that's so unfair! What is your course?
yee I know!! a 17 in es spe math et a 15 in S!!! I m applying for Bc economics
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Anyway good luck!!
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Hi everyone, I know it is not the topic of the thread but I applied yesterday shortly before the deadline and I did not proofread my PS. After I sent it I realised there was like 10 mistakes and I am applying to LSE KCL UCL Royal Holloway and City Uni! Will I be accepted anywhere or should I call UCAS and change my college choices?
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if you sent your file more than a week ago (or something like that), you can't change your choices, neither if you've got offers from specific unis (ex: if you got an offer from City, you can't change it for another school)
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Thank you, but I was going to choose Queen Mary and maybe Warwick is easier than LSE?
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yeah it is definitely easier to get into warwick than into lse: i got my offer for warwick just one week after sending my file whereas i'm still waiting for lse's answer.
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Sorry for asking so many questions but I am so nervous! Would you say I should keep UCL or put Queen Mary, also I saw that Durham and Lancaster are easier to get in than UCL.
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No worries, but i dont know your grades neither your personal statement, so I can't decide for you. It's only up to you, you know. You should keep at least one high choice (UCL for example) and if you're not sure about yourself and your actual choices, change tem for less prestigious universities.
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If you are familiar with the french baccaleaureate: I am in S and chose Spe math with a predicted grade of 17 and my lowest predicted grade is in physics and its 15, but all UNIs ask for 15 or less and 16 in math so it should be okay. Some people read my PS and they say its good minus the mistakes but I really want Warwick or LSE.
Also what do you think of Durham and Lancaster if you know them?

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