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Manchester uni hornet

Anyway, are you allowed to watch megavideo? is this classed as streaming?

what the hell? isn't it classed as watching a youtube movie?

P.S. As yeah I was watching the big bang theory and then I thought, this must not be legal as it was on megavideo. Am I screwed.
P.P.S. Its very unclear what the hell are you allowed to do as I can't find anything. Also, someone I know is like downloading a lot of films and yeah nothing has been done about it. From megaupload I think not megavideo.
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megavideo and every streaming site i've tried has been fine. torrents and peer to peer arent allowed but i've never tried them on hornet so i have no idea how closely they monitor them, everything else you can get away with.
University of Manchester
University of Manchester
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Megavideo is fine, its just like Youtube.
And I have one more hint for you- Rapidshare!
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I'm torrenting just fine. but my flatmate taught me a secret :biggrin:
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what is this secret?
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Mr Osun's secret will no doubt be packet encryption but that'll only protect you for so long.

Streaming is fine and Rapid Share is probably the safest way of getting TV content. Try using it's spot on!

When torrenting, even if you're getting past Hornets network there's a company down in London which monitors all network traffic and sets up honey pots on certain networks. So they will seed a torrent and if you connect to that seed they'll cross reference the IP you provide with the JANET database and see which uni you belong to and send a cease and desist letter to Hornet in this case who in turn will disconnect yo ass. With the likes of Rapidshare there's no logs or information that can really trace back to you which makes it safer, but not 100%!