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Anybody 20 and with the Open university?

Just getting ideas... as I am a 19 year old with no future, no life and no prospects. Considering a Degree in English Literature @ Staffordshire ( 2 year fast track ) to get back in with a shout at being happy.

Feel terrible atm but hey what can I do. I have 2 gap years instead of one eh?. Awesome.

anyway, just wanna see if anybody is on the open university at 20. I have anxiety issues and maybe being locked up in my room for 3 years with a textbook will be best for me.

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I started brick uni at 18, didn't particularly enjoy it, thought it was a waste of money and ended up dropping out after my first year. Sometime over the next year I found out about Open Uni, liked pretty much everything about it and started studying my first two modules towards BSc IT & Computing last month. Still working full time, too.

So far so good! There's still opportunities to meet people at tutorials or day schools/residentials (if your course has them) so you won't necessarily be lonely or anything - it's worth going to them, don't worry about being the youngest there or anything.
Student at the Open University
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I'm 21 and in my first year.
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I'm 21, but I'm just doing 60 credits this year it to get into an actual brick uni.

If you have problems with anxiety though, I'd imagine avoiding all situations that make you anxious is hardly a solution to actually dealing with it. Maybe you should consider brick unis more carefully?

I've only done two short courses so far, but I am enjoying studying with the OU. My course books were brilliant and I can't wait until my next courses start (was cross today when the dispatch date for my course materials had changed :mad: I want them now!! :biggrin:) Plus I've become absolutely brilliant at the science questions on University Challenge. :wink: I'd imagine you'd get more of an experience studying properly with them though, because then you get access to a tutor, and there are tutorials and meetings and residential schools etc.
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I'm 18 years old!

I rejected a place at a university this year at the last minute, because I told everyone how sick I was of being pressured into going to uni, by parents, teachers, friends, the government.

I needed freedom in my life to pick and choose what I wanted to do, rather than have everything done so rigidly. I have anxiety issues for sure, but I'm doing volunteering work, and also searching for the right job.

I'm doing my degree with the OU. I'm sick of hearing about missing out on the 'university experience. I don't care about it. I want to be different. I want to experience the things I want to experience, and choose when to do it, because later on in life, I won't have that chance.

Money's an issue yes, but I feel that only parent pressure to find a job is on me. The rest of the time, the world is my oyster, and I have never felt more free and relaxed.

I recommend finding some volunteer work. It really does the trick, and your anxiety will change to thoughts, thoughts about your work etc. You will have less time to worry, although don't do too much.

PM me if you need anything.
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I'm 19, just starting my degree with the OU. :smile:
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Hi Andy,

I'm 27 (I know I know :P) but I wish I would have thought of the OU at 19/20 as I didn't have a chance to go to a brick uni. Maybe it'll even give you the confidence you need to beat that anxiety without forcing you into intimidating situations too quickly.

If you want a degree and like studying on your own while you find your feet again, go for it, and I wish you all the best.
I was 20 when I started. Definitely had a lot less anxiety than when I did a year at a brick uni.
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wow, your story sounds very similar to mine, I was 20 when I did a course with the OU, reason I did the course was I had crippling social anxiety so dropped out of college...I finished it (was not too difficult), it definitely helped me get into a 'real uni' which is where I am now (Keele, not far from Staffs).

Avoiding anxiety is definitely not the way to go though, make sure this isn't your primary motive for doing an OU course...avoidance will just make you miserable in the long run, limit your life and has no benefits at all, well that's my experience :P
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Basically, I got scared of going to university in Hertfordshire this September so I cancelled my place before I even got there, how pathetic is that. I wanted to go to university but here I Was cancelling my place which had been there safe for over a year. Didn't even visit the Uni to see if I liked it. Didn't go to any open days, nothing. Just feel absolutely crap about myself, have no motivation. I am fine of a night but when the morning comes I am physically sick as I know I will have to face another day. I want to catch up in terms of having a first year under my belt but wonder if going back to Hertfordshire would be the right choice, Hertfordshire do offer a humanities degree but it's just whether they let people in who have studied from The Open University.
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5.15 in the morning! At least you have no problems with early starts :smile:

No, that's not pathetic at all. Who told you that? Kick them in the nuts.

How about this, it's Friday, so you should be OK. Give Herts a call and explain that you're thinking of doing the first year of a named degree at the OU. Ask them what their credit transfer protocols are, and if you'd be able to join them at year two, and if your OU studies would be relevant and transferable credit wise (and for how much of the first year).

See what they say.

Of course, you could research all that yourself, but why spend ages researching when someone on the end of a phone can solve it in minutes :wink:

At least that way you'll eliminate some uncertainty. I'm sure you'll feel at least a little bit better when some of those questions are answered and you have a direction, or at least some certain options. Even if they say yes, it's all fine, you're not obligated to join them if you don't want when the time comes.

P.S. Night owl here too! I started studying at about midnight :biggrin:
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Ive developed a habit of sleeping from 10:30 till 5 every day... Thanks for the advice im going to be 20 if I go to Hertfordshire now... Its crippling my confidence and everybody around me is telling me I have to go to university but they don't understand how I feel properly. My mum certainly wouldn't let me just study with the OU, she would want me to work and then if I wanted to do the university stuff with the OU she wouldn't support me. My fears come from the fact that almost anybody who is anybody is doing something with their life, either in terms of jobs or having gone/attending university. I feel like a bit of a loser but I will give Hertfordshire a call today.
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Oh and I am struggling to cope with stress, my system of dealing with stress is in ruins and I end up crying and or shaking with fear Just thinking of going to university at 20. I think if I would have gone this year at 19 when a lot of my friends did I would have been better off and wouldn't be where I am now, acting like a scared baby... Am I being too harsh on myself?

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A few things that might help:

Bear in mind that if you do go with OU, that they recommend only 60 points if you're working full time, not full 120 for the first year - mainly because it requires your own study time which can be more laborious than having someone there to guide you. Something that might be worth putting to your mum if you were to sit down and discuss what you're thinking about with her.

Secondly, as far as the fees were concerned, if you're earning under 16k you get most if not all of the fees paid for you, so you wouldn't need to work to cover those. You also get a grant to cover the cost of course materials (calculators and stationary mainly, I've never had to buy much else, they provide the rest). I believe this applies even if you're living at home, but someone more privy would have to confirm. - Again, something else to put to your mum, she wouldn't need to pay for it.

At this point, all she'd need to provide is a roof over your head and food so you can do the full 120. Something she may consider if the fees were taken care of maybe.

If you do manage to get her to agree, when your stuff arrives and you start studying - show her the material and involve her in the complexities, show her what you're doing so she can see it is real degree stuff. This might help you in the future if you decide to continue studying at the OU.

Also be sure she knows that OU isn't what it was. The named degrees are very real, classifications and all. It's not just a random selection of short courses or something people do to pass the time as some still view it.

In the event of Herts saying nay, know that there are brick universities who do accept OU courses as credit. Which ones though, I have no idea :wink:

Finally - I can't do the facebook thing :cool: I can see how it would suck up large chunks of time. Forums are as far as I go heheh.
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Thanks for the help, really appreciate it, I just hope I haven't missed the deadline for the 120 points I can cover in this Humanities course!
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I am also doing a humanities degree :smile: I recommend doing The Arts Past and Present in Feb 2010 :smile:
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But it ends in october, when i really wanted to go to university lifes ****** up now. =(
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Not necessarily.

You may be able to get some sort of confirmation from the OU that you've completed the courses if you submit your ECA early. There's no examination, so you don't have to wait for that to happen.

Can't say if they'll do this or not, it's just a thought. Something worth asking after your make your Herts call maybe? OU is +44 (0)845 300 60 90

- Edit, fixed the phone number
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If Herts say no, I know for a fact that Sussex accepts OU credits for entry.
Im 26! Wish I had done it at 18-19 I could have just worked part time and paid for it monthly and had no student debt and they are BRILLIANT!

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