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Hull PGCE Interview


I've got an interview at Hull University for the Primary PGCE Course coming up and I'm sooo nervious. To settle my nerves slightly has anyone done it before so can tell me what format it is, what happens, how hard it is and what questions are asked etc.

Any help and tips will be much appreciated!!!

Thanks :smile:
I am currently only an undergraduate reading English and Theology in the Faculty of Arts at Hull University, so if you have any questions about the University itself or the surrounding area, do post again. You might get a better response if you post this in their own forum.
Student in halls, University of Hull
University of Hull
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I have an interview at Scarborough, university of hull for early years PGCE soon. can anyone give me some advice and tips for the interview and area please!! thank you
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Hey I had an interview last week and got on the course! You get an some questions to answer about the article they sent you with your interview so read through that. And then a maths test which is foundation gcse maths which isnt too hard! The lesson you have to teach is really easy. Your in a group of about 4 and there just looking at the way you teach. The one to one interview is more of a chat to talk about your experience. Get learning your maths and think of something simple and interesting for the teaching bit and you should be fine!
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Thank you so much! So are you presenting in your group or is it an individual presentation?
I was thinking of teaching basic greeting in French. What did u teach? My interview is on Wednesday and I am really nervous as its my last option for the year!