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    Question A

    Did about:
    how inorganic ions cant be made by body so must be got from diet.
    phosphate in phospholipid bi-layer
    Na+ K+ in nervous transmission
    Ca+ in synapses
    Na+ in cotransport of molecules
    Fe2+ in haemoglobin
    CO2 producing acidic H+ leads to releae of more O2 and Haemoglobin as a buffer:
    CO2 + H2O --> H+ + HCO3- and HbO2 + H+ --> HbH+ + O2
    Hydrogen Phosophate ions as a buffer - homeostasis
    HP042- + H+ --> H2PO4-
    H+ in light dependent photosynethesis, photolysis NADP+ + H+ + 2e- --> NADPH etc.
    Phosphorus in ATP
    Sulphur - disulphide bonds
    Na+ in water regulation in kidneys, Related to conditions and diet.
    Pottassium for muscle contractions - hypokalemia - diet
    About chemiosynthesis in deep sea vent bacteria - hydrogen sulfide - ecosystem, food chain etc..

    Really enjoyed that actually.

    Bah i realise now if id av thought bout it, the inorganic ions question was the bttr one, but i just went with the bacteria question sob! Didnt realise we cud include all the stuff bout kidneys etc, which im really clued up on thanx to module 6 rather than making up crap bout bacteria

    I only really talked about mod 6. touched on photosynthesis and resp. Totally forgot about phopholipid bilayer and DNA arrgh.

    What did people say about how percentages of protein etc. change when you starve someone? And what about teh formula?

    I said it would decrease because theyd be used as respiratory substrate as less glucose was being digested. For the formula I got a= b x c divided by D, I subsitituted the letters for the mark-release-recapture formula (so glad I read it before i went into the exam lol)!!
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Updated: June 25, 2005
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