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    OK, i am applying for TESCO and i am stuck on one section, here is what it says and i am wondering of you could help me?

    Instructions: The blocks have 4 statements labelled A, B, C, D. Please choose 1 statement within each block that is most true of you and 1 statement that is least true of you. Basically for each questions i need to choose an answer that is most true and least true, but i am sure they will be looking for specific answers, here are the questions and options, can you assist me in what i should choose:

    Q1: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) gives support to other people
    B) negotiates with others
    C) is able to problem solve
    D) speaks clearly

    Q2: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) talks openly and honestly with other people
    B) asks relevant questions
    C) talks clearly to others
    D) is interested in the company being successfull

    Q3: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) is a good team builder
    B) is able to encourage others
    C) gets good results
    D) can be relied upon by others

    Q4: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) works hard to meet others needs
    B) maintains very high standards of work
    C) keeps my commitments to others
    D) learns new things quickly

    Q5: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) changes peoples views
    B) treats others in a fair and consistant way
    C) works with others to achieve group objectives
    D) checks all details

    Q6: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) is aware of the aims of the company
    B) makes the right decisions
    C)respects policies and procedures
    D) willingly accepts difficult targets

    Q7: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) adapts well to change
    B) masters new work methods quickly
    C) gives praise to others
    D) adds to group decisions

    Q8: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) tries to understand the needs of others
    B) sets high standards
    C) drives others towards goals
    D) notices incorrect information

    Q9: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) speaks to others in an open and honest way
    B) is able to learn things
    C) creates a plan for tasks
    D) respects the confidentially of things people tell me

    Q10: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) identifies the cause of problems
    B) is able to convince others
    C) is not afraid to take risks
    D) absorbs knowledge readity

    Q11: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) aims to please other people
    B) plans my own time
    C) is able to solve problems
    D) motivates others to reach team goals

    Q12: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) produces very high quality work
    B) trusts other people
    C) shows commitment to groups and organisations
    D) is effective in planning and organising

    Q13: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) is ready to take on tasks
    B) easily picks up new approaches to work
    C) organises my own time effectivley
    D) easily establishes relationships with others

    Q14: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) shares knowledge with others
    B) is effective in leading others
    C) understands how my own work has an effect on profits
    D) absorbs relevant facts quickly

    Q15: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) is prepared to take the inititive
    B) keeps the attention of others when speaking
    C) tries to achieve cost efficieny in everything i do
    D) gets work right first time

    Q16: I am the sort of person who ...
    A) completes tasks on time
    B) accepts targets for myself
    C) thinks about the needs of others
    D) shows enthusiasm

    Thanks, Hope someone can help!

    check your inbox

    These questions are personal, and we can't choose it for you. Think about it yourself to see what answers fit that question.

    Don't neccessarily put the truth, put what you think they want to hear.

    I would say the opposite, put down what you think reflects you. The reason for this is they may use these questions to decide what sort of job to give you i.e. which department, and you don't want to be stuck with a job you don't fit!
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