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How "hard" is Oxford?

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errr, you have as much free time as you want.

i only have 2 hours of lectures a day for example.

2 hours of lectures a day :lolwut:. What is this devilry?
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I don't think it'd be that hard to come about.

:facepalm: :sexface:
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You realise you will have to do work at any medical school you will get to, right?

I think for someone clever but lazy university will be a shock at first, until you get your work ethic up to scratch. Oxbridge might even be quite a good environment for someone like that, as they force you to do regular work for tutorials/supervisions. This might improve your work ethic.
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I've applied to Oxford for Medicine...

But lately I've been thinking (uni is the main thing I think about actually!) whether Oxford will be good for me? I know I'm clever, so I've ALWAYS been lazy and done the bare minimum...

It's a doddle compared to being a junior doctor. :yes:
I don't think medicine at Oxford is particularly hard work compared with other medical schools - it's a lot of work anywhere you go. I was one of those clever\lazy people at school and I think I did benefit from the kick in the bum in years 1 and 2. For third year I did underperform, partly because it suddenly became very self-directed. But then for clinical it goes to being more or less full-time, and it's very difficult to slack off and get away with it.
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tbh, i got away with continuing to be lazy (just).
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Ngl its pretty tough. I found A levels extremely easy and got my offer when I started revision for exams 4 days before they began. oxbridge ont he other hand really doesnt **** about, its very tough.
(im doing physics - a lot of my mates doing subjecdts like geography say its fine, but I think sciences and law in particular are difficult).

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