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Aberystwyth or Kent University???

Dilema!! Can anyone sell one of these uni's to me. I like both!!!

Im applying for computer science and/with french

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Hi mike321. I'm in the Computer Science department at Aber, and I think it's brilliant. I looked around quite a few universities, and Aber really stood out. Have you visited Aber/Kent yet? What did you think?
Students graduating at Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth University
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A lot of my friends do CompSci here, and they all love it. I can't say I know too much about Kent though.
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I have seen both aber and kent ...

anything more about aber area .. night life? the people?

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There are fifty three pubs and clubs.

The people are generally really friendly around here too.
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Aberystwyth has Adrian Shaw... aka the most awesome lecturer in the world, therefore Aber wins! :biggrin:
Hi yeah, i was in pretty much exactly the same position as you last year and i'd definitely have to say that Aberystwyth is a lot better than kent, the people are friendly, the campus at Aberystwyth is a lot cleaner and the comp sci department seemed a lot more personal and friendlier at Aberystwyth.

P.S: if you arent already taking the scholarship exams at aber, i would advise that you take them because you could get an unconditional offer and up to £3000 and its not that difficult honesty.
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Thanks for all the replies! I am hoping for an unconditional anyway as im on a gap year, but the £3000 sounds nice .. will have to look into it thanks
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Sorry I just noticed this thread.
And I'm currently studying at Aber but I am from Canterbury where the Uni of Kent is.
And I've got to say there is not much between them because they are very similar places!
They are both great for pubs but poor on clubs!
Canterbury has a very middle class feel to it so if you like sipping pimms on the lawn then you might fancy that while Aber is more down to Earth and less sheltered.
The major difference I've noticed though is the cost of living!
In Canterbury you are talking at least 3 pounds a pint, while in Aber its 3 pounds max!
Canterbury is just alot more expensive and that's just one example.
However Canterbury is alot less isolated than Aber you're about 1hour and a half from London.
Aber is like in the middle of nowhere but it has the sea!
So really they are two excellent choices but it is a close call. However you'll probably have a fab time wherever you go!
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I like the isolated feel of Aber. It means that a lot of people you walk into are going to be students (one third of the town is comprised of students) and thus most people there are your peers.
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I like the isolated feel of Aber. It means that a lot of people you walk into are going to be students (one third of the town is comprised of students) and thus most people there are your peers.

Yeah, I know what you mean! I was in Cardiff last weekend and it was weird to see people that weren't students! Whereas when your here you're bound to meet people you know when your out! Like last Thursday I went out with my flatmates and ended up coming back with some Comp Sci people!
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Think I can talk on this one with reasonable experience: I'm a french/politics student at Aber, I'm from Kent and my mother is a lecturer at Kent - and she went to Aber! For french, definitely, you'll be better off at Aber. It's a small department but pretty darned good, and I've never had any complaints. Kent however have scaled back a bit so it could be a disadvantage. place-wise Canterbury is nice but definitely more expensive. It's one and a half to 2 hours from there to London, compared to Aber's five hours on the train. Aber is cheaper, quite isolated but I absolutely love it. Canterbury has less students in proportion to normals, whereas Aber has more. Kent also only has first years to live on campus/uni-run housing whereas it's possible to do all three years in uni housing at Aber. Aber is much more compacted and everything is one place, and it's flipping gorgeous. and there's less rain, despite being in Wales. I know it sounds untrue, but compared to home? Less rain.

hope I've given you a few pros and cons. Obviously I'm biased towards Aber but have some knowledge of Kent uni.

@Codex, psh, last summer we had Pimms on Aber beach.
So much cheaper in Aber. Sea is pretty. Weird to be so cut off at first though. You get used to public transport and early starts if you like visiting cities.

Tbh, you can usually find a pint for £1.50/£2 in Aber if you know where to go. I'm more familiar with spirits though... I hate paying more than ~£2.20 for a double vodka and coke, but I can get that in a fair few places.
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I have visited both, been to Kent for various conferences and also a competition. Now I attend Aber. It would not be difficult to decide between the 2, it would definitely be Kent.

Just for 1 sole good reason, when it comes to finding for internships and practicums, you will be so out of luck in Aber for most commercial related fields.

Cooperpia :- yes there are Thai students in Aber, but very few.........oh yes the Thai restaurant here is not that good and there is only 1. I suggest you bring your Green Curry paste before coming to Aber as there are no oriental grocerry stores here :biggrin: