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what exactly does that "code" on the exams stand for? watch

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    not that it really matters... just curious :p: ... but what exactly does that code mean??
    like M03/430/H(1)+

    i know that..
    M = may
    N = nov.
    03 = the year
    430 = the syllabus number or so
    H = HL
    S = SL
    ... but
    what's the (1) and the + for?? and i also saw (2) .. with and without +

    the weirdest one i ever saw was: :confused:

    well maybe some of you know a abit more about this secret language

    I know that there's also the timezeone somewhere in the code, TZ

    M03/430/H(1)+ is the old format. N04/4/CHEMI/HP2/ENG/TZ0/XX+ is the new format.

    The (1) or (2) is the paper. No idea about the +....

    The "old format" doesn't have timezones, but there may be an "A" at the end of the code, indicating a different version.

    Old format also had timezones. For example, Biology is 410, but when there were timezones, one was 411 and second 412. History is little special. It was for example M03/310–315/HS(2). HS means, that it is same for higher and standard level (this is case also for some other subjects). 310-315 is history, where paper 3 is divided to different regions (311 is Africa, 312 - Americas, 313 - South Asia and middle east, 314 - East and south east asia and oceania, 315 - Europe). Then you can have letter at the end of code. Q for "quetions and answer booklet", T for "text booklet" and M for markscheme. A was used (as far as I know) only in Nov 2001, when some of the papers were stolen before examinations. So the new papers had to be used (they were on blue (or yellow?) paper). I am not really sure about + sign, but I think it is paper or markscheme with some corrections (I have two markschemes and one is with + and second without. They differ in one answer.). Special cases are some "papers" with codes like M&N04/750/CASE STUDY (Case study for computer science), M00/380/HS(1-3)M (Markscheme for all papers and both levels of history of islamic world), N00/620/SCORES (music scores), and few others.
    New code (N04/4/CHEMI/HP2/ENG/TZ0/XX+) is divided to session (N04), group number (4), subject (CHEMI), paper (HP2 - higher level P2), language (ENG) and timezone (TZ0). I do not know, what XX means. And the last letter is after additional '/' (N04/5/MATHL/HP1/ENG/TZ0/XX/M+ - markscheme for mathematics HL).
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    hey thanks for solving the riddle of the secret code of IBO...
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