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Aromatic conditions & reactions - Edexcel watch

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    Before I learn this stuff (almost finished now!) I thought i better check all of my conditions are correct - this is for edexcel;

    1) Bromination of benzene; Br2, anyhrdrous AlBr3 / FeBr3, RT (room temp)
    2) Alkylation of benzene; R'Cl, anyhdrous AlCl3, heat under reflux
    3) Acylation of benzen; RCOCl, anyhdrous AlCl3, heat under reflux

    4) Nitrobenzene -> phenylamine; Tin & conc. HCl - followed by NaOH4, RT
    5) Phenylamin -> Diazonium Ion; HNO2 (made by conc. HNO3 and conc. HCl), under 5 degrees

    6) If this is done above 5 degrees, phenol is formed?

    7) Diazonium ion with phenol in a coupling reaction gives the two benzene rings linked by N2 ???

    8) Acylation of phenol; acyl chloride in NaOH (what is the product called btw?)

    9) Bromination of phenol - just Br2 at RT

    If any of these are even slightly wrong, id love to know!

    Thanks in advance
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    Oh yeah, can all carbon containing side chains be oxidised to -COOH with the addition of hot alkaline KMnO4?

    aslong as the carbon is binded directly to tha ring...it will form COO- with the addition of hot alkaline KMnO4..then u have to acidify to get COOH

    I dont think we need to know the acylation of phenol for edexcel, only bromination, conversion to the phenate ion and esterification. Also, when you reduce nitrobenzene to form phenylamine, you need to make the condition alkaline with NaOH, not NaOH4 (whatever that is ... typo maybe lol)

    and yea the benzoate ion will be made from the reduction of aliphatic side chains on benzene, you need to add acid to precipitate benzoic acid.

    8) is esterification of phenol. Basically disolve it in NaOH to form sodium phenate and then react with an acyl [e.g. ethanoyl] chloride in excess to give something like phenyl ethanoate and sodium chloride.

    Also friedel-crafts reaction usually work at RT but may need heating under reflux
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