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Pubs that don't require ID

There seems to be some inconsistency over whether the pub will ask you for a form of ID. Does anyone know any good pubs within walking distance of Whiteknights Campus that don't ask for ID? I won't name and shame but there was one pub the other night that required ID but then didn't the week before.
Why dont you just take your ID? Makes it easier.

It depends who serves you if you get IDed or not maybe thats why you did one time and not the other.

Student working at the Cole Museum
University of Reading
Maybe the OP is under 18 :ninja:
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OP is undercover liscencing board. OHSHI-
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The Queen's Head didn't ask for ID but then again I can't judge whether I look my age or not :ninja:
It's just down Shinfield Road, past the Spar and Lloyds
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Yeah I'm honestly just a student who always forgets his ID. I know where The Queen's Head is so that's cool. Apparently I don't look my age even though most people think I'm older than I am so it shouldn't even be a problem.
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If you forget your ID, then why go out of your way to go to some crappy pub? (and let's face it, the one's who don't ID those who look underage, aren't worth drinking in). If you don't want to be IDed because you don't have ID - go to your JCR bar, they never ID. And even if they do, you can prove you are a uni student. Just take your ID with you, and then you can drink where you (and your friends) choose to.
It really varies, some places ID sometimes, then don't a week later. I've even been to a couple of the Spoons (The Hope Tap and BoBs I think) and not been ID'd recently.