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Your views on Cannabis and its use watch


    The illegal status of drugs
    1. Makes them a prime fundraiser for criminal groups, including terrorists.
    2. Greatly increases the price of drugs to the user, arguably creating higher levels of crime to feed the habit.
    3. Leads to yet another exploitation of the poor by the rich. The farmers who grow drug crops, whilst earning more than they would from some food crops, are still woefully underpaid.
    4. Does not prevent people from taking them, but does prevent people from admitting to an addiction because of the negative connotations, despite the fact that cannabis is, according to fatality statistics, less harmful than either alcohol or tobacco.

    By legalising drugs
    1. A source of income is removed from organised crime, and given instead to the government, who can use it to fund drug treatment centres, in the same way that, smokers claim, the tax on tobacco funds the NHS.
    2. The price can be greatly reduced because of the large increase and availability of supply. This will go some way towards solving social problems resulting from drug addiction, though I admit it is not a silver bullet.
    3. Farmers in Colombia, Afghanistan and other LEDCs can receive a fair price for their crop.
    4. It should become easier to help those who wish to stop using drugs, in a similar way to helping those trying to quit smoking.

    Some other thoughts...
    Tobacco is more addictive than any illegal drug. 'Qutting' rates are far lower, and this is also supported by anecdotal evidence.
    Most fatalities associated with illegal drug use result from consumption of 'impure' drugs, that is, drugs mixed with other substances by unethical dealers (is there any other kind?). These impurities and the consequent fatalities could be removed in a government regulated industry.
    Anything taken in excess can be harmful, even fatal - drinking too much water, for example. This is not an excuse to ban it.

    (Original post by djchak)

    Who said americans don't get irony?
    Obviously I don't... what irony?? :confused:

    (Original post by thebucketwoman)
    Obviously I don't... what irony?? :confused:

    You don't see the irony of what you wrote?

    i can understand everys point. i personally believe it should be legalised. i know that it can lead to mental illnesses but its when it gets used too much just like drink. also as some1 has pointed out before it makes you relaxed(with most people anyway) where as alcohol exagerates emotions therefore if you are angry, u drink ull be worse etc. i have tried it before and i liked it tbh(sorry if ive offened anyone). i do understand that some people dont like it, wich is understandable, therefore its should be legal for indoor use only, or places like v-fest lol

    (Original post by Golden Maverick)
    Even if alcohol was worse than cannabis that doesn't mean you go and legalise anything less bad than it, that would be a stupid way to make laws.
    For practical purposes it would be impossible to ban alcohol but I feel it would be a mockey of jurisprudence if you illegalise something which is less harmful. What logic is that? Then again, just look at boxing, that's still legal yet is more harmful than certain activities which are prohibited by law.

    Here's something I found on alcohol here.
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