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    Which category do I fall into? :confused:
    This is my situation: I was born in England. When I was nine my family and I moved to the US because of my dad's job, and we have lived there ever since.

    I assumed that because I am not a resident of the UK, I would have to pay overseas fees. However, I noticed a section that said something like "if you are unable to fufill the residential requirements because of the job of a spouse/parent, you are entititled to pay home tuition fees". It didn't say exactly that, but it was something to that effect. Has anyone else ever heard of this?

    I know that there are many websites and guides available online that may be able to answer this, but honestly I have looked through quite a few and I'm still not sure what group I am in.
    I have a feeling that I'm going to have to pay overseas fees, and I'm just looking for some way to pay less :rolleyes:

    yep thats absolutely true! i used to live in singapore and people who'd lived there their entire lives because of their parents jobs and still got home status. go to this link, for the british council USA to check: http://www.britishcouncil.org/usa-ed...fee-status.htm here it says you get home status if, "you would have been living in the EEA (for EU nationals) or UK (for non-EU nationals) for the three years immediately before the start of the course if you, your spouse or parents had not been temporarily employed outside the EEA or UK for all or part of the three year period"
    (see for example the definitions given by bristol: http://www.bris.ac.uk/academicregistry/fees/class.html)
    hope that helps!

    I would say it depends on what they define as temporarily abroad because of employment.

    These departments have adjudicator guides that give these definitions. It's like satisfying the 'habitually resident' rule. A UK national who returns to this country after a prolonged period abroad from an area outside the EU, and who intends to remain here for a limited period can be considered 'habitually resident' if they are here for at least three months. You won't see that in the advice given to people normally - it's only available to those making the decisions on entitlement.

    Hey yawn-as another Sudany (i assume) maybe youl know my situation--lived in Saudi and then UK since i was 6-now im 16-i've been resident in UK for 10 years, but i have sudany passport--am i a home or internation student?

    Home student
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