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Nightlife In Cambridge

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Love it. People think that Cambridge students don't go out, but they reaaaally do. Stupidly I've been doing 5 nights a week so far this year, which is a bit too much to keep up with a degree as well, but you really can have a great time and get your work done.
Pretty good but depends what you like.

I generally did Anglia Ruskin student night on Mondays at Life, until they stopped doing it, so I went to Cindies instead. Pop and commercial R&B and dance. Also did Cindies Tuesday a lot, basically the same as Cindies Monday but a bit more cheese and it's a student night so it's full of students rather than locals. Wednesday I either did Cindies again (a lot of cheese) or International Night at Fez (hip-hop, R&B, dance, bollywood, eurodance etc). Thursday night was Secret Disco night (was at Soul Tree, is now at Life...70s, 80s and 90s). Friday night Wetherspoons is brilliant, and Soul Tree or Kambar after it shuts (it shuts at 2am whereas Soul Tree and Kambar go on a bit later). I didn't usually go out on Saturday but if I did I'd repeat Friday night. Sunday night I used to go to Life, massive student night...a lot of cheese and commercial music again.

The most popular events seem to be Monday at Fez (Fat Poppadaddy's...overrated imo but people seem to enjoy it), Tuesday/Wednesday Cindies and Sunday at Life. My personal favourites were Monday Cindies, Friday Wetherspoons and Sunday Life. There are loads of specific nights e.g. 'ghetto' night at Fez which is pure hip-hop and R&B, pretty good, and loads of DNB/psytrance/dubstep nights in King's cellars. If you're willing to go further afield there is The Junction which has a few club nights. And I always forget Revolutions, that's quite fun too.
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Really not as bad as people make out.
Sundays: Oasis@Fez, awesome DJ
Mondays: Fat Poppadaddy's@Fez, decent night
Tuesday: Jelly Baby@Cindies, always fun, very popular with students
Wednesday: Remixology@Soul Tree
Thursday: SUAD@Revs, faaaantastic :smile:
Friday + Saturday: Sleep, it's when all the locals go out as well :P (or go to Clare or Queens ents)
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I HATE the Fez.... it is like a cave. I have been twice (live near Cambs) and hated it both times. Everyone else seems to rave about it though... not sure why lol
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Well clearly not as good as larger towns/cities, but good enough to enjoy yourself.
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Clearly The Night Formerly Known as Jelly Baby, Cindies Tuesdays...!

Alsoooo Revs can be alright (Thursday usually) and Sunday night Fez is a usual although I don't much like Fez.
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Well, what are the clubs like? Are there any Electro/House clubs, are there couches & tables, what kind of drinks? What does a bottle of Grey Goose or Moet & Chandon cost?
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Oasis @ Fez on Sunday and SUAD @ Revs on Thursdays play a fair bit of Electro music, some more dancy stuff as well. Kambar does a bit of a dubstep sort of night, Clare Cellars often have a few similar nights as well. Drinks aren't exactly cheap... I usually buy something cheap and crap from Tesco and drink before going out. Shrug. Looks like you'll want something a bit more upmarket though :P
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It all depends on what you're used to and what you're into. I'm from a tiny village where the nearest town has one skanky club that's only open at the weekend, so to me Cambridge had all I could ever wish for. Except it was more expensive than home!

I think there's enough of a mix to keep most people happy, but if you're into more specialist stuff, London is really not that far away.