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My BF calls me Tiger. I have nooo idea where that came from but yeh, it's...different lol.
Other than that it's the usual 'sexy lady' which I'm more than happy with lol.
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Sugar Tits.
Sweet cheeks.
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We call eachother really cringey pet names as a joke sometimes, but otherwise just my name :smile:
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cocksucking hoa*
My pamplemousse of divinity.
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With us only baby sounds right
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My name, usually.

We often have an exchange of 'Hello beautiful', 'Hello gorgeous', but that's about it.
Hate the cutesy nicknames. Especially Baby:eviltongue:
By my name, it's fine.
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Angel : )
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I find it interesting how many people call their "other" bitch...
Petal :h:
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I hate being called babe soo much!
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i used to hate being called pet names before, used to really annoy me
but my current boyfriend, just seems to sound nice when he says it!

darlin, love, babe, etc :h:
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