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Midwifery interview?

Hey has anyone else got a midwifery interview at surrey on thursday?
Any ideas on the kind of questions that will be asked? Or what the literacy/numercy test is like?
Thanks :smile:
The literacy/numeracy test really isn't difficult. Just make sure you know simple things like long multiplication and percentages, it's mainly common sense :smile: Literacy will be a couple of paragraphs on something NHS-related.
No idea on the interview questions though I'm afraid!
Students relax outside, University of Surrey
University of Surrey
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i don't suppose the person who first wrote on here can remember the questions they were asked in their interview as im guessing you've gone for it? got an interview on the 10th and 16th for midwifery so badly want to get in please please please help if you can! thank you x
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I too have an interview on the 16th and am searching for interview questions and tips, I am very nervous and I dont really know what to expect. I hope to see you on the 16th xx
hey i had an interview for midwifery at surrey back in november and got a conditional offer from it. The maths and english are easy. It's simple mental maths with working out percentages and putting fractions into order etc etc. With the literacy you get two things, the first a section where you have to circle all the gramatical and spelling mistakes you can, the second was a scenario between 2 nurses talking and you have to interpret what they said and say how you think they felt and what you would do in that situation.
As for the interview, they are really nice. The only complaint i would have is that they didn't give us a specific time. I ended up being the last one and so was sat around for hours and we didn't get lunch.
The people I had interviewing me were very nice. They asked things about my extra curricular activities, what makes me better than all the other people applying, what i have already read up about the course and how i found it out other than on the surrey website and soemthing that's affecting midwifery in the nhs right now that i would change (I recommend reading the british journal of midwifery for the last 2 questions)
Anyway that's about it hope it has helped.
Good luck with the interviews! xx