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When do UWE give out offers?

Question in the title, just wondering when UWE will start to give out offers, do they give early applicants offers soon or tend to wait after the deadline?

The wait is killing me! :smile:

I've applied for Psychology if this is any more help, thanks in advance for your replies.. x

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I also applied for psychology, sent my UCAS off only 3 days ago and already got a conditional offer from UWE :smile:
Frenchay Campus, Bristol University of the West of England
University of the West of England, Bristol
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awwwh well done! :smile: i'm assuming it's soon then that offers start coming through *crosses fingers I get one*

because I hope if their going to reject me, they do it soon! the wait is killing me now..
not same course, but got an offer back 1 day after! :smile: but remember no news is not bad news
ach they're my back up back up and i've had nothing except an acknowledgement.. :sad:
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i got my conditional offer in 4 days (including a weekend). Oh yay!
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Just got a conditional offer from UWE, so i guess in this case no news has been good news, anyone else heard from UWE who have been waiting?
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Hiya, I applied last week. I still haven't heard anything from UWE. The wait is killing me, as it's where I want to go. I have applied to study Initial Teacher Training (Primary) Has anyone else applied for that course? Thanks, Littlepj. :smile:
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I got an offer in under 24 hours of my application being sent! It is my 4th/5th chouce though...
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got unconditional within a day
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It took me a week just to get an acknowledgement! :frown: Still waiting...
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I got my acknowledgement letter and my offer the day after my form got processed on UCAS :smile: ~~
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I paid for my application yesterday.. so judging from these posts I should expect a reply pretty soon?
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Got my Conditional offer for Computer Science 5 days after recieving my Tracking code from UCAS.
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I got my offer for Comp Science about 3 hours after my last post in this thread.. need 280 UCAS points. :smile:
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I got an acknowledgement email from UWE day after I sent my app of. They will give me an answer within 14 days. Hope I get one, it's my second favourite uni!
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Sent my application off on Friday, got an offer today for Business Management with Marketing.
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Nice one Desi. Definitely going to go?
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Nice one Desi. Definitely going to go?

Gonna wait for the other uni's to make their decisions and then choose.
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I got a offer less then a week after my application was processed!

Pretty good for replying quick!