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Parking in Birmingham

Does anyone be it any of the unis, have their car with them? If so, what made you decide to take it, how much do you pay, and does it make anything difficult?

I would far rather take my car but can't find much about it on google..!
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You'll have to find a secure underground car park. I think people at Masshouse buy them and rent them out to people, about £100 a month from what I can see.

Some of the accomodation do have car parking facilities, but you will have to pay a lot, between £350 and over £1000.

What do you actually want your car for? The only place to drive to is Asda, could just get delivery.
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I've free parking at my accommodation car park at pritchatts park. Pretty much all the side roads around UoB and selly oak are free parking, not sure about the other uni's but I definately wouldn't pay £100 a month here underground parking..