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    I've had some fantastic school trips in sixth form, absolutely fabby.

    I've been on two three day trips to Paris to a European Politics conference (I got to see the god that is Michael Portillo, woo! Oh, and Lizo from Newsround.. he's very small)

    I went on a nine day Classics trip to Italy, which was one of the best holidays I've ever had. We went to Rome, Pisa, Venice, Florence. I have some great memories of that holiday.

    I've also been on trips to Cambridge to see Oedipus Rex, I've been to a local theatre to see Antigone, I went to London to visit Parliament (but we never actually got in because of enormous queues, so we went shopping instead).

    Sixth form has definitely been fantastic for school trips. There's so much more freedom when you're on sixth form trips as opposed to lower school trips. It's quite depressing that I'll never be able to go on a school trip again *sniff*

    At sixth form induction today we got told about the geography trip to Iceland - it looks fantastic! 560 pounds though! :eek:

    Went to London for a media trip - it was like a conference thing with guests including Tony Benn, the guy from crimewatch etc. Only watched 2 of them speak, then a friend and I sneeked off went shopping, then ended in a pub for the rest of the day - got very drunk and held the bus up cos we didn't turn up. Was well funny though!!!!

    No trips to foreign countries though- you guys r sooo lucky.

    Went to Barcelona, Austria and Germany though during lower school, it was wicked!

    I'm going to the USA with school later this year.

    (Original post by Emzz)
    AUSTRALIA??? WHAT IS THIS??not fair not fair not fair :mad: hehehehe was it any good? what did you have to do? :cool:
    it was great! it cost £1400, and we went to singapore, cairns and then sydney. we did snorkling on the great barrier reef, walking thru the rainforest, went on a cape tribulation tour, went on a tour of singapore, went on a harbour cruise of sydney, went up sydney tower, went shoppin in singapore, cairns and sydney! went horse riding thu the rainforest, went white water rafting, loads of stuff! it was absol. the best trip EVER!!!!!! this time last year, i was snorjeling on the great barrier reef in cairns and was the 1st time i ever spoke to my best mate! :cool:

    (Original post by Final_F)
    At sixth form induction today we got told about the geography trip to Iceland - it looks fantastic! 560 pounds though! :eek:
    I went on a geology trip to iceland last year for a week.

    A truly fantastic, and unusual country. It is very expensive but if you go with a school its alot LESS expensive than going privately. To save costs we even slept on the floor of a gym for most of it. But we were in a 4 star hotel with some of the best food i've ever had. All sorts of meats and fish they had their, icelandic chefs know their stuff!

    Things we got to see:

    1) Geysir, where we say geyser's (sp?) very cool indeed if you've never seen one.
    2) Gulfoss, biggest, baddest waterfall you'll see...
    3) Went on this amazing walk in the icelandic mountains. Think lord of the rings style country, huge glaciers and ice caps everywhere and not a person in site. Its the least populated place in europe and is basically untouched by man in most areas.
    4) Went white water rafting, very cold water but one of the funnest things ever. + the water is so clean you can just stick your head in and drink it and it tastes lovely.
    5) Saw lots of geological stuff, which is intresting if you do geology, like me.


    I have had one trip all year which was a Physics trip to Thorpe Park. In my old school, I had none whatsoever

    Zakatu: I want to go to Iceland now!
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