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cosmology: evidence for a finite universe?? watch


    (Original post by rpotter)
    I can see that you are not going to believe me that time began at the ig bang, but read a brief history of time,surely you'll believe Hawkins. Also i agree with itchynscratchy that we can have no ide of what came 'before', but that doesn't mean that we can't say that time began at the big bang
    Hawking is not necessarily right, after all he was partly wrong about Hawking radiation. You can't just take a theory like the big bang and assume that is is categorically true however helpful it is in explaining the universe until there is a cast-iron proof.

    Some people believe that the universe has existed in a series of crunches and bangs - so has time started anew each time or was it continuous before then?

    and the point of mentioning M-Theory is that it predicts the possibility of multiple universes so he brought it up after you said that our universe is everything and nothing exists outside of it (something along those lines, can't be bothered to find your exact quote)

    hi everyone - i have been reading this thread and been thuinking very hard about the universe - how it came to be - if it came to be - its shape - its extent - and our understanding of these questions.

    now im not particularly well read on the subject altho i have just bagan reading a brief history of time and am having trouble understanding these future/past cones bla bla.

    but neway i think that it is so incomprehensible to imagine that the universe ever 'began'. how can something be created from nothing. but inevitably it comes to the question that surely it must have been created to exist - so its the chicken and egg paradox - which came first?

    Then there is the case of the infinite/finite universe and its expansion. i was thinking that maybe it could come bak in on itself and spew/recycle the matter bak thru the singularity but then there is the problem that its shape would have to be like one of those illusion pictures with all the impossible stair directions and stuff in order for there not to be any borders to the space. its just so confusing and constantly throws up more and more questions/obstacles the more u rationalise in ur mind.

    i just find that these questions and concepts seem not only to be unanswerable with our relatively small brains but also incomprehensible - i mean try and think of nothing and infinity - they are not imaginable to us.

    I very much doubt that the human species will ever be able to understand how the universe was really 'born' and what it really is. but we will definitely understand more and more about the immediate universe around us - so lets focus on that instead. kidding. mind u i do have sum ideas biout the universe but i will save them for my nobel prize winning papers - (yea right - but i actually believe this :rolleyes: )

    (Original post by ryan750)
    so its the chicken and egg paradox - which came first?
    the egg obviously, dinosaurs laid eggs and were around before chickens

    (Original post by MC REN)
    the egg obviously, dinosaurs laid eggs and were around before chickens
    Surely we should be defering that question to the Social/Pseudo-Science known as biology.

    wow - i really did kill this thread. i think my post was a nice conclusion to it tho - albeit a tad one sided. dus ne1 get new scientist here? i do and i also was one of the first 40,000 to receive the hubble space telescope anniversary dvds. i watched it again today and it mentioned that space is curved. did ne1 else get this dvd?
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Updated: July 16, 2005
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