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What would you do if you won £1,000,000 on the lottery? watch


    (Original post by CrzySxyCool)
    i thought it might be a good conversation that isnt to do with sex!
    buy a mansion

    and make my own gangster group

    (Original post by G4ry)
    The odds of getting the 6 numbers is something like 49 million in fact (correct me if i'm wrong i haven't got a calculator with me at the moment. I know it's 49!/6!43!)
    No, it is 13983816 to 1

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    I'd pay off my mortgage (£86,000)
    I'd set up a scholarship of £1000pa with £200,000 (that should pay out £1000*4yrs and still be self funding even on the very lowest interest rates of 3%). The scholarship would be advertised widely and would be awarded to Southampton students who travel from outside the south to study here and who have tried all the other methods of funding themselves and who are doing well at their studies (and I'd choose between the different applicants). It would carry my name just to make things difficult
    I'd get married and through a huge party/holiday for all my relatives and friends to come along and relax £100,000

    Of the remaining £614,000 half (£314k) would be split between some savings/trust funds for my family (including £50k to buy my sister a decent sized house to raise my future nephew/neice in and £100k to make sure that my autistic cousin would always be cared for/looked after and put my uncle and aunts (and the rest of the families) worries at rest...the other trust funds would be much more modest) including £50k would go on things for hubby (he could do with a new wheelchair and an electric scooter for when we go to outdoor events - and we could get a lot of use from a converted campervan (I might even persuade him to come with me to glastonbury)).

    The £300k remainder would go to charity...mainly help the aged, the samaritans and possibly a homeless charity (maybe then shelter would regret spending my donations on sending me junk mail begging letters :mad: )

    you more likely to be seriously injured by a fridge than win the lottery....

    ...dangerous things those fridges....
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