i need your help if this applies to you

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im a recent graduate (well, 2 years ago) and at the moment am out have work,having become fed up trapsing from call center to call center. i am looking to start my own business and am doing a bit of research.

Basically, im looking to provide a comprehensive student support sevice at the universities and colleges that have the highest drop out rates. students could talk to me about whatever they want, and i will give then advice there and then, get back to then asap or direct then to the most appropriate place. i know alot of unis offer these services but they all seem very fragmented and very formal.

do u lot think this would be useful for students?

or do u think what is on offer at universities at the moment is sufficient?

pls give honest answers!!

cheers, joe
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I'm fairly sure that this would be covered by the university pastoral care system. I doubt that someone who is on the edge and emotially fragile would be in a state to try and pay someone to listen to their problems. It implies insensitivity and in a sense, exploitation. Most universities would be very well versed in handling these situations, and although it might work as a charity or a volunteer service, I personally can't see it working as a business.
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