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    I still wear my retainer as I should yet I still have my front teeth looking dodgy by the time I should put it on again, like now! Really annoying.

    I had a fixed brace and retainer for quite a while and I'm meant to wear the retainer at least once a week from now on for the rest of my life "apparently". In my opinon, a retainer would not fit for the rest of my life, especially as I have not had my wisdom teeth through yet. The fact is that if you stop wearing a retainer there will always be a chance that your teeth will "drift" back. However, I have found that over the past years i have began to get cavities and therefore fillings. I clean my teeth regularly but I apparently have slightly weak enamel so I'm more prone to cavities. It seems to me that I would rather risk haveing my teeth drift back than risk having to have many more fillings due to wearing a retainer and trapping bacteria etc. nI must admit that my praces were originally to correct an overbite and not to straighten teeth but my teeth were straightened at the same time. There is nearly no chance that my teeth will return to exactly how they were as bone has had to grow in my jaw (or something along those lines).

    Just out of curiosity, how many people have fillings and do you thing any orthodontic treatment has caused or contributed towards them?

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    I am currently wearing braces, had them on for 2 weeks *sobs* and they told me that after my brace i would be wearing a fixed retainer, which goes behind the teeth so i gather it is unseen.
    I have the fixed retainer behind my top and bottom teeth (I had braces for two years until last September). It takes a bit of time to get used to having a wire there, and flossing is a bit awkward, but my teeth haven't moved enough for me to notice at all, so I'm really glad that I had it done.

    Don't worry, you'll get used to the braces soon - in a strange way, I missed them when they were finally off my teeth!

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    im probably gonna have the same prob but with my bottom teeth instead. by orthodontist told me that i will have to wear my braces once a week for the rest of my life! a pain but better than having a jungle for teeth!
    why did i get neg rep for this post?????? i only said what was happening to me!! :confused: and she did ask what had happened to other people!
    Has this happened to anyone else? Wearing a brace for so long only for something like this to happen? I mean my teeth are straight and white just the one tooth out of place!
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